Teddi Mellencamp Arroyave Reaches Out To Instagram Followers For Baby Name Suggestions

Oh I can’t wait to read the comments on this one. Teddi Mellencamp Arroyave has several things going for her. The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills mom has pretty much secured her bag now that she is Queen Kyle Richards’ new scapegoat best friend. Another plus for Teddi is that she is one of the few RHOBH cast members not currently involved in litigation. And, now that Teddi and husband Edwin Arroyave have managed to get pregnant, we are getting our first Beverly Hills baby.

The cast is certainly looking forward to Teddi and Edwin’s new addition. I’m sure Dorit Kemsley already has several Balmain onesies being made. Kyle is probably busy looking for $32 million turning caftans into baby blankets for the blessed event. Teddi has been sharing much of her expectant journey with fans on social media. Now that she only has a few months to go, Teddi needs to decide on a name. Will it rhyme with Smile? In an effort to gain inspiration, Teddi reached out to her followers for suggestions.

Congrats again to Teddi and her family on their pregnancy. Teddi has shared her difficulties with getting pregnant in the past, so this baby was a very unexpected but exciting surprise for the couple. The past few months have seen Teddi praising body positivity while filming the latest season of RHOBH. The timer is getting close to popping on Teddi’s bun, so it’s time to name this little nugget!

In a video Teddi shared to Instagram, she asked her followers for some input. She wrote the caption, “I am almost halfway through my pregnancy and @tedwinator and I need your help! We cannot come to a decision on the name for our new baby girl.” Oh I can see it now, “Lucy Lucy Apple Spritzer Arroyave, get in this house immediately!” Ladies and gentlemen, Teddi needs our help! Saying she and Edwin are on the “struggle bus”, the name search is on.

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Edwin chimed in requesting a Spanish name so his mother could pronounce it. A Spanish name would be quite lovely, in all seriousness. Teddi shared some guidelines to keep in mind. “We want it to be one or two syllables, unique, and a good fit with the rest of the kiddos (whom we are no longer taking suggestions from after their last idea of calling her ‘Pugsley’). Comment any suggestions below– who knows, you may name the newest addition to our family!” CHALLENGE ACCEPTED. Let’s see, what about Camille Vanderpump Arroyave? What, too soon?

In the comments, Kyle noted that she thinks Pugsley isn’t a bad name at all. “I kind of like Pugsley,” she wrote. If it were up to Kyle, the child would be named after a 1970’s television star. Well, it looks like we have a job to do! The future name of Teddi’s unborn child rests in our hands. Get to work!

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[Photo Credit: Bravo]