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Teddi Mellencamp Arroyave Reveals Gender Of New Baby

Did you hear that Teddi Mellencamp Arroyave is pregnant? I certainly hope so, because it saved her spot will be heavily featured on the next season of Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. Which is great news for Teddi and her family. A new baby is certainly better than what her co-stars will offer in the way of storylines. At least we will see Teddi visiting her ob/gyn at the doctor’s office and not her lawyer at the courthouse.

Teddi is all about body positivity and sucking up to Kyle Richards family, which is a nice departure from dogs and ganging up on people. Maybe fans will allow themselves to view Teddi in a different light during the journey of her pregnancy. Maybe hell will freeze over too. As you may have suspected, gender reveal events are the big thing these days when women find out they are expecting. Now that Teddi is far enough along, she and husband Edwin Arroyave decided to find out what they are having. Thankfully, she took to social media to share the news we’ve all been losing sleep over.

Aaaaaand, it’s a GIRL for Teddi and Edwin! Congratulations are in order for the couple and their family. Teddi’s new daughter will join her son, Cruz and daughter, Slate. Teddi and Edwin revealed the baby’s sex in a lovely Instagram post.

In a series of photos with the family dressed in matching pajamas (because, OF COURSE they are in matching pjs) Teddi wrote, “It’s a girl! Of course, we would have been equally excited either way, as @tedwinator, the kids and I are just blessed to have a healthy baby no matter the gender. Although I did promise Cruz he could help name her so not sure she’ll be too thrilled being called ‘Catboy’ Arroyave.”

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Awwww, isn’t that the sweetest thing ever? I love that Teddi is allowing her son to assist in the naming of the child. No word on whether or not Cruz has to choose between Kyle, Kile, or K’eyel. But in all seriousness, hope her pregnancy continues to go well and without incident.

Obviously this announcement caused a flurry of supportive comments from her followers and several celebrity friends. Real Housewives of Dallas star, Stephanie Hollman, commented “Such an incredible blessing from God. Congrats to you and your sweet family girl.” Note to self, please remember to use the word “girl” in any and all mentions of RHOD. Teddi’s husband also got in on the action (again), “I was so convinced we were having a boy that it took me some time to realize the confetti was pink. Blessed and excited to be having another girl!”

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We’re all excited for you too, Teddi and Edwin. Excited to look forward to baby showers instead of debates over lying. Onesies and bottles instead of false accusations and tears. A bit of levity for co-stars to focus on, rather than how much money is not left in their bank accounts.

Okay look, the video Teddi shared is actually quite sweet. Her children are clearly excited and looking forward to their new little sister. Sending good vibes only to Teddi, Edwin, Cruz, Slate, and the new baby.

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I’m sure BFF Kyle is already designing a line of baby caftans for the little one to wear. Maybe Auntie Erika Jayne can teach the tyke to communicate through costume and questionable music. And never fear, Lisa Rinna will be on hand to make sure someone is showing the tiny princess all the latest dance moves. Good luck little baby, we’re rooting for you.


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