Kyle Richards Will Debut A Clothing Collection At New York Fashion Week!

Ahem, I’ll give you a moment before we begin… Point blank, Kyle Richards must not sleep. The reigning queen of Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Go To Court Part X is letting nothing stand in the way of success. Sure, Kyle tried to produce a show, “inspired” by her life. Unfortunately, audiences weren’t as wowed by the life inspiration. I blame the audience! Kyle was also super busy with her chain of retail stores. Kyle by Alene Too had a successful run, but the stupid economy and lack of interest poor sales resulted in the boutique’s demise. I blame the economy!

Don’t cry for Kyle, Argentina. She has many tricks up her sleeve. No, I’m not talking about mental manipulation. Kyle is back in the motion picture industry! Eat your heart out, Lisa Rinna. Kyle returns with Jamie Lee Curtis for a cameo the next Halloween installment. She is also filming HER SHOW the next season of RHOBH. Thinking about Kyle’s hectic schedule is exhausting! Surely she couldn’t add one more thing to her already full plate…. Well, wait for it.

It gives me immense pleasure to say, Kyle is debuting a clothing collection at New York Fashion Week. She shared the news to the delight of followers on her Instagram. Buckle up, everybody!

According to Women’s Wear Daily, Kyle teamed up with Shahida Clayton to launch a “contemporary, resort-ready clothing collection”. Yaaas, bring on the caftans! This soon-to-be revolutionary haus will be called, “Kyle and Shahida”. How… original!

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On returning to the unapologetic world of clothes Kyle said, “I love being creative in fashion.” After years of Kyle’s unique wardrobe choices on RHOBH, no one could argue she isn’t “creative”. A lot of effort goes into selecting which muumuu to wear.

Kyle’s partner has been in the game for a minute. Along with manufacturing for several private label brands, Shahida had been designing her Shahida Parides line since 2012. Kyle shared, “She has amazing caftans; I gave them away on the show and people went crazy.” To be gifted with such splendor! Did anyone under the age of 50 know what it was? I kid, I’m wearing a caftan right now!

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Kyle has complete confidence in the person who does everything Shahida, “I know the fabrics and how I like to look and feel; Shahida can get it done’.” Or else Kyle will come to your house and yell at you! Kyle complimented Shahida’s ability to turn her visions into reality. She can text the designer an idea, and have her turn it around in her factory in India in a matter of days. Ouch, I hurt my side-eye.

Never fear, there’s a little something for everyone in Kyle’s collection. Regarding RHOBH, she shared, “It’s a lifestyle show some people watch for the fashion, the homes, the cars. They are watching everything we wear, and we have to be looking our best and comfortable.” Spot on, there’s nothing more comfortable than a giant shirt!

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Then Kyle gave some deets on what to expect. “I wanted to do a collection that looked fashionable, elegant, chic and comfortable, with beautiful wildlife and nature prints. I’m an avid animal and nature lover, and wanted that reflected in the line, which will give back to various charitable foundations.” Kyle the animal lover! Unless the animal is named, YOU GUYS SAY IT FOR ME! But good on her for donating some of the proceeds to charity. #vanderpumpdogs

The pieces will retail between $200 and $500. Don’t be sad if you can’t jet out to see the textile takeover. It’s being filmed for RHOBH! Of COURSE, it is! Kyle pointed out, “Reality TV is a great platform to showcase these things.” Just like co-star Dorit Kemsley’s swimwear line We Rent In Encino Beverly Beach by Dorit. You can see photos of Kyle and Shahida’s line here.

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The runway show will feature Denise Richards, Teddi Mellencamp Arroyave, Erika Jayne, Rinna, and Dorit in the front row. Kyle also added she would love a brick and mortar shop and believes the television exposure will help. “Many designers start a line and it doesn’t come to anything; my goal is to get results.” Go Kyle, go! No really, go.

The collection will devastate us with its beauty on September 8. Good luck sleeping until then.

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[Photo Credit: Bravo]