Luann de Lesseps

Real Housewives of New York star, and Queen of Cabaret, Luann De Lesseps hit a rough patch in the summer of 2018. Luann checked back into rehab for alcohol abuse after an intervention from friends, including RHONY co-star Bethenny Frankel.

One reason for Luann’s relapse was the lawsuit filed by her children and ex-husband for violating an agreement from their divorce. Luann was supposed to put half the money from the sale of a house in Bridgehampton in a trust fund for her kids. She didn’t. Oops!

What is also interesting about this time frame is that Luann started dating her agent, Rich Super. On July 11, 2018 Page Six reported that Luann had been dating the Hollywood agent “for a few weeks,” and that Rich had recently filed for divorce from his wife. That is so uncool, Luann. Rich started representing Luann when she began her cabaret show “The Countess and Friends.” The two split around the time Luann went to rehab.

But now, it looks like Luann and Rich are giving romance another try. In an interview with TMZ, Luann confirmed the rumors that she is dating Rich. (Warning- there is some rough grammar ahead.) “Umm…Well, we are dating. Yes. I can tell you we are dating. Yes.”

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When asked how the couple reunited, Luann explained that it was their connection. “Well, listen, ahh… you know when there’s a connection, there’s a connection. He’s my agent, and we’re, you know, just killing it on our cabaret tour,” Luann said. “And we’re having the best time, and ahh…he’s the best. He’s the best agent in Hollywood. I’m a very lucky girl.”

It sounds like Rich and the RHONY star have a lot in common–like a shared love for cabaret. “You know, somebody who knows…you know has the same passion and knows what you love. And he’s got my touring schedule on point and I’m loving it,” Luann said. “I’m having the best time.”

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Luann admitted to TMZ that there can be issues with dating someone that you work with. “Well listen, there’s always…it’s always difficult to work and ahh…and have a love affair. But at the same time, it’s all good.”

Luann told TMZ that her cabaret show is doing fabulous. “It’s going great. I’m …I’m touring. I’m doing Madison, Wisconsin. [Umm] I’m in…all over the country. [Umm]…So it’s…I’m…I’m just overwhelmed by how much people love the show and that… that feeds me,” Luann shared. “It really does.”

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And while Luann’s life is cabaret all day, there was a bit of controversy over an advertisement for Luann’s show. According to an October 17 article in Page Six, an online ad for “Countess and Friends” showed a compliment from the New York Times. That’s high praise indeed. A journalist, Anna Peele, was curious about it and posted her research on Twitter. She tweeted, “I was surprised by the generous review from @nytimes quoted on Countess Luann’s cabaret poster, so I looked, and: “Tickets to the first performance of #CountessandFriends went on sale on Dec. 10, and quickly sold out, *inspiring* Ms. de Lesseps to add a second date.” Page Six reported that sources said that there’s no other Times review that includes the word “inspired” in it.

Wow–shouldn’t Luann’s agent be on top of this sort of thing? Maybe mixing business and pleasure for a second time isn’t the best idea for Luann.

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