Report: Luann de Lesseps & Tinsley Mortimer Are Fighting With New Cast Member Real Housewives Cast Member Leah McSweeney

Do we really expect anyone on a Bravo show to get along? No sir! Real Housewives of New York might be down one protagonist, but that doesn’t mean everyone will magically stop arguing. Gone are the days where viewers expect to see lavish homes and luxurious vacations, not spoiled by errant fighting and drunken spats. Fortunately Dorinda Medley and Tinsley Mortimer have already been spotted having words at an anti-bullying event. Now new cast member Leah McSweeney is supposedly cutting her teeth in the East Coast Fight Club.

Luann de Lesseps recently headlined a benefit called STOMP Out Bullying, so naturally a shouting match occurred. We already know Dorinda and Tinsley had a blowout during the soirée, regardless of the inappropriate environment. Now with reports saying Leah was involved in the melee as well, Luann admits she has also had a run in with the new kid on the block.

According to an exclusive interview from RadarOnline, Tinsley and Dorinda aren’t the only ones testing the limits of Leah. When questioned about the new blood, Luann shared, “There is always drama, especially when there is a new girl in town. It’s like a new chick in the roost. Where did that chick come from? Let’s go!” Yes, we wouldn’t want a new person not experience the requisite hazing experience. Complete with public bellowing, some type of ridicule, and a dash of judgement.

Luann might be graciously making sure Leah doesn’t feel left out. Even though Tinsley was apparently busted screaming, “It’s my choice! You jumped down my throat!” at Leah, we still don’t know the core of the disagreement.

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Unless I have missed an integral storyline, I do not understand why anyone has fault with Tinsley. This is a woman who is guilty of nothing more than calling bunch of frozen embryos to say hello. Which is definitely weird, but not fight-inducing. However, in the past, both Dorinda and Sonja Morgan have felt the need to question Tinsley about her ex, Scott Kluth.

Tinsley was on the receiving end of scorn when her on/off relationship with Scott seemed more off than on. But the fact that he still sent her expensive gifts seemed to irritate the Old Guard. Perhaps next the ladies can gang up on Tinsley for trying on wedding dresses when she isn’t engaged. Because nothing is more ironic than a group of slightly bitter divorcées attacking a younger woman for having a guy send her presents. While it remains to be seen what set off this dispute in the first place, it’s a safe bet that vodka Tinsley’s love life was involved.

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Hopefully, Leah is taking notes and learning the ropes of the game she is now playing. She will need to remain on stand-by with this group. Since Luann has a big empty hole of fighting left by Bethenny Frankel, it might be a good idea for Leah to stay under the Countess’ radar.

If Leah really doesn’t watch it, she could find herself on the receiving end of multiple cabaret invites. That might force the newcomer to prove once and for all, she isn’t the one to mess with.

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