Luann De Lesseps Included A “Misleading” Review On Latest Cabaret Poster

Luann de Lesseps, please don’t ever change. The stah of Real Housewives of New York’s current claim to fame is the art of cabaret. And boy Lu really seems dedicated to her craft. Luann’s ever-evolving life is part comedy, part tragedy, but never uncool. Nothing can bring the cabaret train to a full stop. Except jail. Luann has even said cabaret is “her calling”. After an intoxicating arrest, family issues, rehab, and a level 10 Bethenny Frankel dinner table meltdown, cabaret has been Lu’s rock. If Luann wants to sit around feelin’ all kinds of Jovani, more power to her.

In this life, all the world is a stage and the Countess is merely a player, you guys! Obviously, she needs to share her gift with the public. In an effort to promote her masterpiece on us normies, Luann shared a brand new poster advertising her latest blessing. Some people might find it misleading, while others think the Countess can do no wrong. Oh habibi…

Any and every Bravo star who has “started their own business” has abused used the reality television forum to sell their stuff. Remember when RHONY was suddenly only filmed amid colors of red and black? Skinnygirl products were literally forced down our throats. Lu received a lot of heat for her commitment to cabaret last season. But it pays her bills and by all accounts, she has received some good reviews.

Speaking of reviews, one of Luann’s latest announcements for an upcoming show may or may not be a tad misleading. According to Page Six, an online ad for Countess and Friends included a very favorable New York Times review. ALLEGEDLY. Among the endorsements noted on the ad were, “A Perfect Evening”, courtesy of Vanity Fair. Paper Magazine declared the show, “Sublime!”, “Captivating!”, and “Profound!”. Not too shabby, right? But one review, in particular, seemed a bit off to a suspicious reporter. The New York Times apparently said the show was, “Inspiring!”

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Anna Peele, a journalist, was shocked to see such a favorable comment from the New York Times. Something must have “inspired” Anna that the NYT review was too good to be true, so she checked it out.

Turns out that the full quote was in a profile of Luann, not an actual review. It read, “Tickets to the first performance of #CountessandFriends went on sale on Dec. 10, and quickly sold out, “inspiring” Ms. de Lesseps to add a second date, which sold out within 24 hours.” When reached for comment, sources close to Luann confirmed there is no other NY Times review that includes the word “inspire” as a phrase.

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WHERE ARE THE HANDCUFFS? Why hasn’t anyone placed her under a citizen’s arrest? I don’t know about you, but I missed the part where we are supposed to be outraged. Darling, really? I would take this over drunk running through a field or begging people for $6 million any day of the week. Can’t we just let the Countess be great?

At this time, Luann’s rep has declined to comment and the author of the Times piece has not returned calls to Page Six. On behalf of everyone, I would like to thank Nancy Drew the journalist who brought this to our attention. I’m sure regardless of whatever scandal Luann has to face, it’s all c’est bon in her world.

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[Photo Credit: Heidi Gutman/Bravo]