Barbara Kavovit Ends 14-Year Friendship With Luann de Lesseps; Calls Luann “A Narcissist”

THE REAL HOUSEWIVES OF NEW YORK CITY -- "Upstate Girls" Episode 1111 -- Pictured: Barbara Kavovit -- (Photo by: Heidi Gutman/Bravo)

Season 11 of Real Housewives of New York revolved around Luann de Lesseps, her fragile sobriety, and her life as a cabaret star. Viewers watched Luann blissfully gazing at posters for her own cabaret show. It later came to light that there were some misleading positive comments on the poster. Luann’s cabaret obsession even pushed RHONY’s Bethenny Frankel to have a melt-down.

Luann also routinely kept her fans friends waiting at shows, while behaving as a diva should. At Luann’s holiday cabaret show, long-time friend Barbara Kavovit is the only New York Housewife to dutifully attend the performance. Unfortunately, Barbara is caught on a live mic while in the audience, telling her sister, “She can’t really sing.” Oops!

As you can imagine, Luann was less than pleased. At the reunion, Barbara appeared in tons of body glitter, and calmly set Luann straight. Barbara told her friend that she truly supports her, but that Luann isn’t Adele.

US Weekly reported that Luann appeared on SiriusXM’s The Jenny McCarthy Show, and she had something to say about Barbara. (Warning: there is some odd grammar in this post.) “Girlfriend, I can carry a tune, so hell with Barbara. That’s the second time, also, that she got caught on camera talking smack about me. … You have to pull the weeds, so you can make room for the lowers,” Luann said. I am assuming that she meant “flowers,”  not “lowers.”

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Barbara hit back at Luann during an interview with US Weekly’s “Hot Hollywood” podcast. During an audio clip from October 30th, Barbara said, “The Kool-Aid, as Dorinda [Medley] would say, kind of went out of my body. I got no Kool-Aid left in me, and I am ready to just tell it like it is from a businesswoman’s perspective.”

Luann’s latest comments about Barbara seem to be the tipping point of their friendship. “The narcissism of this woman, the self-importance and her blatant disregard for people that have helped her has got to stop. Not only myself, but [our mutual friend] Anne and I’m sure Bethenny [Frankel], and even Mary, who does her makeup, we are disgusted with her,” Barbara revealed. It’s just her total disregard for anyone else. I have no words for her anymore.”

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Barbara was shocked by Luann’s recent comments about her. “That’s the thing with a narcissist, you can look at yourself and believe that everything about you is so wonderful and throw everyone away. I remember last year, picking her up off the floor, literally, trying to carry her, protect her,” Barbara explained. “I was her protector for 14 years…To make it like she’s [pulling] weeds, like I was the bad person, like Bethenny was the bad person?… My prediction? She hasn’t hit rock bottom yet.” Yikes!

So, is there any hope for Barbara and Luann to mend their splintered friendship, especially since Barbara has supported Luann during her struggle with sobriety? “There is no good with Luann. I had a 14-year friendship with her that I will walk away from forever,” Barbara stated. “She will never have me as a friend again.”

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[Photo Credit: Heidi Gutman/Bravo]