Ramona Singer Thinks The Entire Real Housewives Of New York Cast Should Return–Except For Barbara Kavovit

Can you believe it is already reunion time for the Real Housewives of New York? The season flew by and we will soon be searching Bravo for all-day marathons and RHONY updates. And what a season it was. Cabaret overkill courtesy of Luann de Lesseps. Bethenny Frankel experiencing the tragic loss of Dennis Shields. Tinsley Mortimer’s latest–and maybe final–break up with Scott Kluth.

Plus, the unforgettable drunken antics of Sonja Morgan in Miami. Alcohol friendly Dorinda Medley actually completing a season mostly sober! OG Ramona Singer was rather low key, other than being her usual demanding, crass and frequently rude self. She did have a few disagreements with the other ladies, but one castmate in particular seemed to rub her the wrong way.

Somehow, Ramona and new Friend of Barbara Kavovit never really clicked. In an interview with Us Weekly, Ramona stated, “It was impossible for Barbara to gel with the group. I don’t think she knows how to gel with more than one person at a time. I think I even had a discussion with her in Miami about that. And she finally gelled with us when she, we all were all cooking lunch and we made it together and of course Luann wasn’t there.”

Ramona calling someone out on their lack of social skills is a bit ironic, but she does have a point. Barbara created some early animosity with her co-stars when she refused to invite Dorinda to her clam bake to protect Luann, acting like her bodyguard-personal assistant-sobriety coach.

Were Barbara’s good intentions her downfall with her co-stars? Ramona seems to think so and explained, “She [Barbara] was so busy trying to protect Luann and keeping Luann away from me and Dorinda. And this one and that one, that immediately set a separation with everyone. So she just did not start off on the right foot or was able to get her foot back into it in a correct way.”

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Which is completely awkward Ramona “Hokey Pokey-Speak” for claiming that Barbara never really recovered from her initial clam bake banning of Dorinda. But is it really that simple?

Would one clam bake banishment create that much animosity? Or is this really just Ramona’s way of dismissing Barbara? It was clear all season that Ramona never cared for Barbara, even excluding her from an outing in Miami. Did Ramona pretend Barbara didn’t exist in hopes that she actually wouldn’t next season?

Ramona seems fine with the current cast just the way it is. She declared, “I mean, I liked Carole [Radziwill] on the show, but when someone’s off the show, the dynamics change. And so I really loved our dynamics this year.” There is no arguing that–the cast of RHONY slays it every season.

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Future Bravo casting director Ramona added, “Personally, I’d keep it just the way it is, with just the ones who hold the apples.” And throwing even more shade, Ramona clarified, “You know what I mean without me saying it. That’s all.”

We get your chilly Arctic drift Ramona. If your dislike for Barbara wasn’t clear over the season, it is now! No apple, no invite back for Season 12–at least if Ramona was calling the casting shots.

Let’s be honest–maybe Barbara was not the best fit for show. She is not overly dramatic. Barbara doesn’t wear  $3,000 dresses like Tinsley. She doesn’t drink until she falls on the floor like Sonja. And Barbara has one of the worst qualities a Housewife can have–she is a bit boring. Personally, I like Builder Barb, but a fit for the show? I’m not so sure.

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Of course, the season isn’t even over and casting decisions are probably still in the works. Ramona might want to consider being just a bit more humble in her casting recommendations, however. Even OG’s can have an expiration date. I am sure that Vicki Gunvalson would love to explain it all to her!


[Photo Credit: Heidi Gutman/Bravo]