Tamra Judge Real Housewives Of Orange County

Uh-oh… Is Tamra Judge finally about to get her comeuppance on Real Housewives Of Orange County?! Let’s hope!

All it’s taken to get the other women questioning is a thirsty famewhore mom of 7 who really wants to people to see her as something other than a compulsive baby breeder. But Braunwyn Windham-Burke also wants to make-out with Tamra and date her, so… I’m confused!

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The last time Tamra was legitamately called out was by Lizzie Rovsek during a cast trip to Bali. I was SO SO SO SO ready for it, but none of the other women backed Lizzie, who got booted from the show where Tamra has remained diabolical head witch in charge.

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Tonight the tides are finally starting to turn. Vicki Gunvalson being demoted and Tamra being held to the fire, has me wondering if a sea change is on the horizon for Real Housewives Of Orange County, one of Bravo’s stalest franchises in recent years!

This drama comes about over Kelly Dodd. After a conversation with Tamra and Shannon Beador, Kelly initially blames Braunwyn for her becoming the topic of gossip at Vicki’s birthday party. When confronted by Kelly, Braunwyn defends herself armed with the truth about who was really talking shit! That would be Tamra!

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Shannon finds herself in the middle of two friends, then gets an additional shock when she learns someone has always been harboring negative feelings against her.

Gina Kirschenheiter heads to therapy to fess up about sleeping with her ex-husband Matt. Under the harsh spotlight of a sane person Gina suddenly doesn’t feel so victorious about Matt wanting her again!

Emily Simpson sits down with horrid husband Shane and explains to him, in no uncertain terms, that something has to change about their relationship – specifically the example they’re setting for their kids by constantly fighting. Emily suggests they get couples counseling but Shane is hesitant… Of course he is because any counselor would immediately put his awful behavior under a microscope!

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