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Cynthia Bailey’s Ex-Husband Peter Thomas Says Bravo Does Not Show Men In A Positive Light

When you think about it, Bravo really changed the face of reality television. Sure, Bravo didn’t invent the genre, but over the years, the network has taken risks to start a wide variety of reality themed shows–from real estate to yachting and more. Many of these shows have been very successful and have been game changers in the reality television world.

Of course, the franchise Bravo is probably best known for is the Real Housewives. Who knew in 2006 that the franchise would still be going strong in 2019. From the original Real Housewives of Orange County, the show has landed in cities from New York to Dallas to Beverly Hills. One of the most successful spin-offs has been the Real Housewives of Atlanta. Recently, Peter Thomas, who used to be a regular on the show when married to Cynthia Bailey, shared his thoughts about how the men on the Housewives shows are portrayed.

Peter made an Instagram post and stated, “This housewife shit wasn’t easy, everyday was challenging because you never know how one minute while you’re taping can make the world look at you when they see it, it was NEVER in the best interest of Bravo to show men in a positive light, look at these people reality, I am glad that I landed on my feet after all that was given.”

We all know Peter did not have an easy time as the husband of Cynthia on the show. But was it because of Bravo? While Peter was on RHOA, he was caught cozying up to a woman who was not his wife. Cynthia eventually filed for divorce, with Peter claiming he had been “blindsided.” He has also had multiple legal issues during and after his time as a House Husband, including being sued by an investor and an arrest for allegedly writing a counterfeit check. Most recently, Peter was hit with a $237,000 tax lien. I hate it when Bravo makes that stuff happen!

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Peter finished up his post by declaring, “Play the game, don’t let the game play you.” So, maybe Peter just hasn’t been so good at playing the game. Peter tagged other current and former Atlanta husbands in his post, including Apollo Nida, Todd TuckerKordell Stewart, and Gregg Leakes.

Probably the only RHOA husband to fare worse than Peter has been Apollo, who was sent to prison for five years for identity theft, fraud and conspiracy while married to Phaedra Parks. But, what did Bravo have to do with that? Apollo’s decisions and actions were all his own.

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Divorces can be especially hard for the husbands, as once they split from a cast member, they lose what little voice they had as a part of the show. We have all witnessed Housewives like RHOC’s Tamra Judge and Shannon Beador slamming their exes season after season on the show. That does seem a little unfair as it is a one-sided view of the divorce.

The Real Housewives of New York’s Ramona Singer’s ex Mario Singer had his infidelity played up as a storyline for several seasons, despite being MIA from the show. Ramona, surprisingly, was very easy on him after their split. Still, it can’t be pleasant to have your indiscretions played out for the world to see.

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On this season of RHOC, Shane Simpson has come across as a complete douche to his wife Emily Simpson. He seems to have few filters and apparently doesn’t care how asinine he comes across on camera. But doesn’t he make a choice to film and to be on the show? Bravo is only showing how Shane is behaving and speaking while filming.

Several Real Housewives of Dallas husbands have also come up short on the “positive television image” scale. Stephanie Hollman’s husband Travis Hollman came across as a controlling jerk during the show’s first season.

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Most recently, LeeAnne Locken’s brand new hubby Rich Emberlin was caught on camera commenting on attractive women. At his wedding! Again, Rich acted this way on his own, knowing he was filming.

Certainly, many of the husbands have come off not looking so great on camera. But Bravo doesn’t put words in their mouths or make them behave in certain ways. Or force them to sign contracts. And just think about how many of the actual Housewives can come off on the shows! The portrayals of the husbands might just be a snippet of their real lives, but that is the nature of reality television.

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Some husbands acquit themselves well on camera and probably have benefited financially from their time on the show, like Real Housewives of Beverly HillsKen Todd and Mauricio Umansky. To me, it is really up to the husbands or partners to determine their image. If you are a decent, considerate person, you are probably going to fare just fine on the show. If not, the camera doesn’t lie.


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