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Emily Simpson Responds To Fan Comments Comparing Shane Simpson To Jim Bellino

Fans have crowned their latest “guy I love to hate” king. And, drum roll please, the honor goes to Real Housewives of Orange County’s Emily Simpson’s husband.  Shane Simpson.

One would assume the decision to air your life on reality tv would have been a joint decision between the couples.  Yet, we’ve continued to have a few husbands who show up to the party with barely concealed contempt for not only the other women, but even their own wives.

Thankfully, we don’t get to see very much of Shane. He has been busy “studying” for a bar exam. In a hotel room. And yet he still manages to fail. Maybe he should spend his time trying to become a better person.

It’s been very painful to watch Emily try to drag a smidgen of affection from her husband.  Only to have Shane smirk, act mildly irritated then belittle her feelings with a snide comment. And if this passive-aggressive attitude seems all too familiar to you, you are not alone.  Apparently, there have been quite a few fans who have noticed it as well.

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Recently, Emily was a guest on Watch What Happens Live After Show where Andy Cohen brought up the similarities being made. “Shane is being compared a lot to Jim Bellino,” he noted, “How do you digest that?”

“I mean he’s also being compared to Simon Barney,” Emily responded with some exasperation, “I think he’s compared to anyone who people hate.  I mean, it is what it is.” Emily is not even trying to pretend she cares.

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Actress, and co-guest, Lauren Lapkus will play the role of a doting wife during this segment. And she was the one who threw the dog Shane a bone. “Do you feel like he turns it on more for the camera?” she asked. Which reminded Emily she should at least pretend to defend her husband. “I feel like he doesn’t really want to film,” she explained, “but instead of like rising to the occasion, I feel he’s like a petulant child.  That like throws a tantrum.”

“Does it bother him what people are saying?” Andy wondered. My opinion? Yes Andy, it absolutely does. Emily, on the other hand, was emphatic in her response. “No! Not at all!” While Shane’s hired pr woman Lauren ends the interview with a pro-Shane comment. “I love watching him,” she said, “He’s very entertaining.”

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Guys, we’ve completely misread Shane.  He’s not an emotionally absent, condescending, passive-aggressive man.  He’s hamming it up in front of the cameras.  Interestingly enough, Emily’s friend Alexis Bellino even said she saw some similarities between Shane and her ex-husband Jim.  But claims the twosome is doing better now.


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