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Love After Lockup Season 3 Finale Recap

The supersized Love After Lockup finale has arrived! WHAT A SEASON IT HAS BEEN. Everything is wrapping up, and we will see which couples actually make it. For some reason, Angela took back Tony. She loves his body, but COME ON. Leave the man! Cheryl and Josh are another couple who are together still despite all the drama. Certainly, those two aren’t meant to be together.

The biggest source of drama this season on Love After Lockup has been between Lacey, John, and Shane. She played these men perfectly all season. However, now we find out if she will actually walk down the aisle with Shane. John is very much a factor with the potential paternity looming. On last week’s Love After Lockup episode, Amber came to the realization more than ever that Vince isn’t her future. Will she call it quits, or will she stick it out for Puppy and her mom?

Angela & Tony

Tony Angela Love After Lockup

Angela’s sister is visiting, so Tony better be on his best behavior. Angela gave him her motorcycle, and her sister questions him about his employment status.

She’s nervous Tony might be taking advantage of Angela. It’s definitely looking that way. Tony gets a little defensive, and her sister tells Angela she’s a fool. She’s absolutely convinced that Tony is a liar. I MEAN SAME.

Nothing about Tony has felt authentic from the beginning. Tony trying to say he loves Angela just doesn’t come off genuine at all. This has felt like a con since Day 1.

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Tony calls Angela saying he needs to talk. What could it be now? He is always up to no good, and she needs to have her guard up.

It’s actually not bad at all. He surprises Angela with champagne and flowers by the lake. AWW. That’s actually really sweet because he’s put her through a lot. He proposes, and Angela accepts.

After all they’ve been through, this is such an ill-advised move. As long as she’s happy that’s what matters, I guess. Although all of the sudden things change when he makes a weird comment.

Tony claims he has a hold on Angela, and she’d forgive him for anything. Tony’s been going to therapy to deal with his addictions. Something is fishy about what he’s doing.

He makes a stop at a hotel he used to work at and tells the cameras to stay back. It is obvious he’s in a hotel room with another woman. Angela calls, and he flat out lies to her.

Cheryl & Josh

Cheryl Love After Lockup

Cheryl wants her sister to stay a few more days with her. WHY? You literally snapped on her at the restaurant, so why would she want to stay?

Cheryl freaks out so quickly. Why would anyone want to spend an extended period of time with her? Her sister is worried about how things will go for Cheryl. She doesn’t think Josh is a bad person, but she also doesn’t think he’s the one.

Josh takes his mother out to breakfast and has something important to tell her. His mom hates Cheryl, but she seems to be almost trying to protect her at this breakfast.

She’s questioning whether or not Josh is the right man for her. She doesn’t think he’s the good man she needs. Josh tells his mother that he plans on asking Cheryl to marry him.

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SHE ALMOST CHOKED. She calls him stupid, and now things are awkward. His mother doesn’t think Cheryl has much of a personality. Well, she’s not wrong.

However, maybe Josh is into the psycho screaming kind of woman. His mother tells him upfront that she will not attend the wedding. She doesn’t think it would even get to that point anyway.

Instead of listening to his mother, he’s going through with asking her to marry him. He’d rather deal with her behavior then really fend for himself in life I suppose.

Before he can propose, she starts bashing the venue they’re looking at. After that, he exposes that he was going to propose, but now she’s done with her. WOAH.

Not unlike the other times they’re together, she lost her mind and stormed off. The relationship is OVER. Their fairy tale has finally come to an end. However, shortly after filming they got back together.

Glorietta & Alex

Glorietta Love After Lockup

Glorietta’s mom is NOT into the wedding planning at all. She hates Alex, so she’s probably hoping the wedding won’t happen. She might get her wish because things aren’t going well for the couple.

Alex showing up at Glorietta’s work the way he did was bizarre. Her mother thinks Alex has a secret life, and she is SO right. He’s hanging out with his ex Juliana again behind Glorietta’s back.

They look through their old yearbook, and she admits she has feelings for Alex. She wants to get back with him, but she won’t do it while he’s engaged. He tells her he can’t stop thinking about her. WOW.

This is all going to break Glorietta’s heart. She tells her mom Alex told her he was at his friend’s place, and she wants to prove him wrong. If they show up there and Alex isn’t there, there will be hell to pay.

Glorietta has no idea what she might be potentially walking in to. Her mom is right about Alex, and this a horrible way for her to learn the truth.

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Alex’s friend’s wife calls Alex and they learn he’s up to something. THIS SHOWDOWN IS GOING TO BE SO EPIC. I want to see her mother put Alex through a table.

Glorietta confronting him is one thing, but her mother is going to lose her mind. I weirdly feel bad for his ex right now because she isn’t technically doing anything wrong yet.

They arrive at the bar he’s supposed to be at, and she stays in the car for now. Glorietta walks right up to Alex’s table and asks if he’s on a date. This is going to be a total mess.

They agree to break up, but her mom FLIPS out. She throws multiple drinks and glasses at him. After that, she lunges after him to attack. Security breaks it up, and they leave.

Alex’s ex also dumps him because she was lied to and put in the middle of the drama. Alex tries to say Glorietta is the one who changed in the relationship. Okay, bud.

Glorietta is now back with a different ex. Alex and his ex are finished speaking, and he has been arrested for multiple felonies.

Lacey, John, & Shane

Lacey Love After Lockup

Lacey has the results of the paternity test. OH BOY. However, she wants to wait to open the results until John is there with her. If he is the father of her son, things are going to get complicated with Shane.

The kids seem excited to see John when he shows up, but her dad isn’t as thrilled. John starts spewing expletives at Lacey’s dad, and the confrontation escalates fast.

Lacey pulls John away and smacks him in the face. HERE WE GO WITH THE VIOLENCE AGAIN. She says John has never spoken to her this way before.

It’s possible that John is just acting out of jealousy over her upcoming marriage with Shane. She changes her tone and says she hopes John is NOT the father of her son.

Her love triangle is so toxic. She needs to cut the cord with John and live her life with Shane. Lacey tells the cameras she’s done filming and slams the door. This just got so real.

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I wonder how Shane will react when he hears how John acted. Lacey returns home, and she’s IRATE. Shane does not react well to hearing about how John behaved on the beach.

This is a fight that’s been brewing for weeks and weeks. Someone is going to get hurt thanks to Lacey playing both men.

Lacey is ready to find out the results of the paternity test, so the moment of truth has arrived. If John is the father of her son, this family is going to explode into chaos.

John is NOT the father! Lacey and Shane are elated to hear this news. Honestly, this is the best outcome for everyone involved. Without a doubt, this love triangle has been one of the craziest things on Love After Lockup.

It’s the morning of the wedding. They’re actually doing it. It looks as if Shane is a lot more liked by her father than John was.

Lacey CALLS John with the paternity results. IN HER WEDDING DRESS. MOMENTS AWAY FROM HER WEDDING. What an icon.

However, things might go bad because he wants to show up to the wedding. Are we going to get a showdown on the beach between John and Shane?

John decides not to crash the wedding which was the best outcome for all. They’re officially married!!!

Lizzy & Daniel

Lizzy Love After Lockup

Lizzy is wedding dress shopping!! Her wedding to Daniel is only a month away. The first dress she sees is way out of her price range. Neither of them really have the money to put this wedding together.

Her family wants to know why it has to move so fast, and they have a point. They’re super young, and there is no real reason to fast track this. Daniel finally has a job, so that’s a good first step.

She ends up going with the first dress, after all, so now she has to figure out how to pay for it. Daniel is experiencing a lot of anxiety about the wedding.

He says that’s all Lizzy talks about and it’s becoming very overwhelming. Perhaps he never should have proposed in the first place. He’s going to look at a car, but he doesn’t want Lizzy to know.

He’s choosing a new car over the down payment for their wedding venue. If they’re not on the same page now, this wedding might not happen. Keeping secrets from Lizzy isn’t a good way to start their future.

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He says his sobriety and staying out of prison is a bigger priority. He’s right. That should take his main focus right now. It’s sounding a little bit like he’s trying to get out of the wedding.

Lizzy shows up to pick up Daniel and notices the new car right away. I’m sensing some drama is in Daniel’s future. She’s clearly not happy about this. He doesn’t think they’re on the same page with their life directions.

Lizzy looks heartbroken and asks to call it quits with the relationship. Daniel asks for the ring back, and she says to have his mom ask for it back. THAT IS SO HUMILIATING.

However, it’s his fault for having his mom buy her the ring. Daniel says they are done. This relationship took quite the turn out of nowhere.

While she’s talking to producers, his mother comes marching over for one final confrontation. She demands to have the ring back. She really shouldn’t have to give the ring back. He’s the one that ended it not her. Despite everything, it’s not Lizzy’s problem that she wants to give it back.

She calls Lizzy an alcoholic, and a massive argument erupts. His mother is so happy that it’s finally over. Following the breakup, Lizzy feels like she wasted years of her life waiting for Daniel.

Vince & Amber

Vince Love After Lockup

Amber is continuing to have second thoughts about being a part of the scam against Vince. She never wants to go back to prison, and she wants to be a productive member of society. She should just open up to Vince about the entire thing and hope he takes it well.

Amber meets Vince at the gym and tells him she needs time to think. Vince tries to stay that they don’t need to rush into marriage, but that’s not even the only problem. That’s a minor issue in all of this. The root of the problem comes from her trying to scam him out of all of her money.

They both didn’t expect the relationship to feel so awkward in person. Vince feels like Amber keeps deflecting about something, and he asks her not to give up. I think he genuinely wants to be with her. However, she’s clearly not into him at all.

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She’s saying all of the red flags were there about him. WAIT WHAT? How can she say that when that was her plan all along? Amber says she’ll only tell Vince the truth if he does the same first. She asks him to leave.

I’m glad it’s finally over. It’s been months of awkward moments, and it was so uncomfortable to watch. Thankfully, Amber called things off with Vince.

Amber explains her decision to Puppy, and they decide to move forward without him. Amber is clearly in love with Puppy. That is who she should be with.


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