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Love After Lockup Recap: Blinded By Love

Love After Lockup delivers so much sizzling drama every week. It’s hard not to get invested in the love triangle between Lacey, John, & Shane. She’s successfully played both men all season, and it’s so entertaining. However, on last week’s episode, she finally made a commitment to Shane. Only time will tell if it was the right choice. Lizzy and Daniel are also engaged. Who volunteers to tell his mother THAT?

Amber is still conning Vince, but now it’s time for him to meet her family. Will her family see through the con, or will Vince himself finally catch on? Angela and Tony have reunited which sucks for her friend, but shes made her choice. Angela somehow believes Tony is being honest with his intentions. Can she trust Tony after how he’s treated her?

Angela & Tony

Love After Lockup Recap: Blinded By Love

Tony is moving in with Angela. How? Why? Who is allowing this to happen? She cannot be THAT blind to his actions.

Tony confesses that he was with another woman the night he went missing. He got a hotel room with Michelle, but didn’t want to sleep with Angela at all. HELLO?!?! RED FLAG ALERT.

Tony claims he’s in love with Angela but says he has an addictive personality. He denies having any other women in his life besides Michelle. He is using Angela, and she’s clueless to all of it.

Angela feels like she has to forgive him, but she just wants to sleep with him. That’s honestly all she cares about here. Anytime she mentions Tony, she mentions sex. That’s her only goal here.

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She finally gets her wish and they become intimate for the first time. Angela says the sex was amazing. Ew. Why are you giving us this visual?

Tony says sex with Angela was better than he expected, so that’s good I guess. He’s turned on by the age difference too. Maybe these two will work out after all.

Angela’s sister is coming to visit. Hopefully, she sees through Tony’s crap. He says he’s going to help with her bills and give her someone to sleep with.

He cites how he made many sacrifices for her which is RIDICULOUS. Tony is getting tired of Angela bringing up the past and says he’ll leave if she doesn’t stop. Bye, bud!

Cheryl & Josh

Love After Lockup Recap: Blinded By Love

I forgot about Cheryl and Josh until this episode. Their story hasn’t really excited me at all this season. She’s too unstable for my liking.

Cheryl’s sister is visiting and has many issues with inmates. This will go great then.

Her sister questions why everything is all about what Josh wants. She clearly has never seen them together. Cheryl is in control when they’re together.

Her sister thinks it’s more lust than love between Cheryl and Josh. OH FOR SURE. She’s so turned on by Josh, and that’s muddling her view.

Her sister pushes for Cheryl to call it off with Josh, but that’s not happening. This meeting is going to be so off the wall.

Her sister Lacey has no desire to be nice to Josh. I’m sure Josh will be on edge because she is a prison guard.

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She asks right away if Josh is paying. She asks what he went to prison before and says “that’s it” when he answers. Does she want it to be murder? What’s an impressive enough crime to her?

She’s grilling him about his fines and how he’s going to pay them. He just got out. Give him a break.

Cheryl doesn’t want to deal with it anymore and freaks out until her sister leaves. She’s so off the rails!

She gives a passionate speech about the reasons why Josh can rise from the ashes. Cheryl also talks about how she used to be a drug-addicted stripper.

Her sister doesn’t want to hear it and still calls out Cheryl for low standards. She believes Cheryl is blinded by love. I thought she didn’t think it was love at all?

Glorietta & Alex

Love After Lockup Recap: Blinded By Love

Alex is still going on about his ex girlfriend, but he wants to talk to Glorietta first. He didn’t come home after their Valentine’s Day fight, so she doesn’t know where they stand. It’s beginning to look as though her mother was right about Alex all along.

She’s doing a side job to earn money for the wedding, and Alex shows up. Alex is way too high on himself. He shows up questioning why she really loves him, but he’s doing it in an arrogant way.

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Alex doesn’t find Glorietta’s comments genuine, but she’s at work. She’s in a professional setting, and he’s berating her like a psychopath. He threatens to walk away from her again.

Alex is making such a scene at her work right now. He definitely wants her to call it off so he doesn’t have to. That’s such a cop out. If you don’t want to be with Glorietta, call it off now, so she doesn’t get more invested.

Lacey, John, & Shane

Love After Lockup Recap: Blinded By Love

Lacey and Shane go to a cake testing for their wedding because they’re a conventional couple. Lacey refers to him as her soulmate, and the wedding is in two weeks.

Everything is moving so fast in their relationship. These two people barely know each other. Why are they rushing to walk down the aisle? How do her children feel about their future stepfather? I have SO many questions.

The wedding will be on the beach, and Shane is very into the cake testing. I can’t judge though because I love cake so much. Cake is everything. Cake won’t ever let you down.

However, I wonder if Lacey is actually finished with John. Shane asks if she’s heard from John, and she hasn’t. She wants John to take a paternity test, but she doesn’t want Shane to know.

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More secrets! I’m sure that’ll end well. When will she ever learn?

Lacey’s finally meeting up with John, and things got violent last time. Cover your face, John. Don’t let her assault you again. Lacey is so quick to jump to violence.

John agrees to do the paternity test, but we have to wait two days for the results. Things get awkward when she tells him the wedding to Shane is in two weeks. She’s very physically attracted to John despite her impending marriage to Shane.

He’s hopeful she’ll go back to him, but she seems all in with Shane. Although the results of the paternity test might change everything.

Lizzy & Daniel

Love After Lockup Recap: Blinded By Love

These two actually look really happy now that they’re engaged. Lizzy says things are more real now, so things are getting serious.

Explaining things to his mother is going to be the tricky part. She’s going to freak out and list all the reasons why it’s a bad idea. Daniel’s unemployed, so paying for the wedding is going to be a problem.

They show up to his house, and his entire family is there. Keeping this secret is going to be hard, but it’s the best option. His mom asks how Lizzy reacted to the “promise ring”. She has NO idea that it was actually an engagement ring.

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Daniel bites her head off and tries to play off the gift. However, he loses his patience and does the unthinkable. He decides now is the perfect time to drop the news about the engagement.

Daniel’s mother is surprisingly supportive in the moment. I don’t know how it’ll progress, but as of now his mom is alright with it. His mom thinks he only proposed as a way to keep her. That’s a highly likely scenario.

Vince & Amber

Love After Lockup Recap: Blinded By Love

Vince wants to reignite the connection with Amber, but buddy that’s not happening. She’s just not that into you. She never will be.

Puppy wants Amber to continue with the con, but she is losing her mind. They’re going to visit her family, so this should be fun.

Amber introduces Vince to everyone, and I can’t wait to hear their reactions. Her family asks Vince about their future plans, and he gets emotional.

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Vince has no idea what’s going on with Amber. I’m starting to really feel bad for the guy. This is brutal to watch.

Amber’s mom calls from prison, and the grandmother says Vince is a great guy. At least someone is on board with their relationship. This is the least awkward we’ve seen them. Perhaps there is hope for them after all.

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