Did Teresa Giudice Do More Than Work Out To Achieve Fit Figure? She Reportedly Received AirSculpt Procedure

Sometimes working out 127 hours a week doesn’t provide the results you are looking for. Apparently that was the case for Real Housewives of New Jersey star, Teresa Giudice. Teresa and her bod went through a metamorphosis during her namastay in prison. When the judicial system presented Tre with an extended vacation in jail camp, she decided to get into shape.

Emerging from her cocoon of indictment fit as a fiddle, Teresa continued her physical transformation after the death of her mother. She turned to weightlifting as a tool to deal with the grief of her loss and navigate the role of single mom while husband Joe Giudice was incarcerated. In 2018, Teresa even competed in a bodybuilding competition, taking a third place ribbon for her efforts. Now that Teresa got the body, she needs to keep the body. But she might have found out, the gym just can’t do everything.

Now that the RHONJ ladies are chilling in Jamaica (note to Jennifer Aydin, attempts at speaking patois to the locals is so gauche), they are also showing off their figures on the beach. Teresa has no problem putting the goods on display on display on display while the cast took their arguing seaside. Lots of skin and lots of bras were needed spray tans, right there on our hi def televisions. While viewers continued their amazement at Teresa’s epic body renewal, it turns out she might have had a little help from Dr. Lipo. Not that there’s anything wrong with it.

According to Yahoo!, Teresa “either forgot to mention it or decided to leave it out of her [social media] post from the trip, but a representative for the company posted the details.” In other words, someone let the cat out of the bag. A publicist wrote, “Teresa Giudice looks fabulous here! My client Elite Body Sculpture provided her Air Sculpt on her upper and lower abs, waist and hips on Sept. 6.” Oops?

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Now you might think it would be EXTREMELY presumptuous of a medical facility to be so aggressive with patient info because, HIPAA, but that all flies out the window if a release is signed. The statement was in response to a media post promoting the trip and some pics Teresa shared on Instagram. The publicist continued, “Hmmm, this was not mentioned in the piece but if any of want the real ‘Skinny’ pun intended. I got it! And it’s not shady or weird, she’s signed off on all of this knowing it’s a press exchange,” she said. Gosh, but what about the tummy tea Teresa also sells on Instagram? This woman is entering into Lisa Rinna levels of hustle at this point.

The surgical facility rep, who may or may not be earning some major overtime wages also wrote, “Gobble gobble (and if you have one under your chin-we can remove that for you too!) No stitches, no anesthesia, no downtime, no pain.” Omg, we get it you are officially the car salesmen of surgical weight loss procedures.

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As for what Teresa had done, I know you are all dying to find out. It’s called AirSculpt. The company’s website claims it is a “patented procedure developed by Aaron Rollins, M.D., founder of Elite Body Sculpture and cosmetic specialist in Beverly Hills. Rollins saw the need for a minimally invasive, virtually painless alternative to traditional fat removal procedures. He wanted to remove the fear and pain of fat removal by creating a technically advanced treatment delivered in a relaxed atmosphere. Today, the AirSculpt procedure has been performed over 25,000 times.”

The moral of the story is, when you want to get in shape, go to jail the gym! When that doesn’t work, drink tea that could induce bouts of diarrhea and dehydration! And if all else fails, have a doctor shove a tube through your skin to suck the fat out! I am thankful we have examples like Teresa to show us the way to making healthy lifestyle choices. With little to no recovery time…

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[Photo Credit: Bravo]