Kenya Moore Blasts Eva Marcille For Comments About Having A Baby “Late In Life”

Ok, I’m just going to say it – the return of Kenya Moore to Real Housewives of Atlanta has been a little slow given Kenya’s history of stirring the pot in the name of good TV. I’ve been watching Kenya since the beginning of her run on RHOA and it honestly felt like the show was lacking without her presence. But since her return, I was wondering where my “gone with the wind fabulous” housewife was hiding.

Instead of taking on her castmates, Kenya has been busy fussing over daughter Brooklyn Daly and crying about her doomed marriage. But just when I was starting to think Kenya hung up her proverbial reunion megaphone, she came back with a vengeance when she decided to come for Eva Marcille during Sunday night’s episode.

In case you missed it, Kenya took issue with Eva telling the girls she didn’t want to bring her kids to the party Kenya threw for baby Brooklyn. Eva claimed she didn’t like Kenya’s “energy” (or something like that).  Eva was nice enough to bring a doll as a present for Brooklyn, which Kenya decided would be perfect to re-gift to Porsha Williams’ daughter PJ at Cynthia Bailey’sBaileyQue“.

Did you get all that? As if re-gifting wasn’t bad enough, Kenya decided to do it in front of Cynthia’s guests. She even included a card saying the doll would work better with baby PJ’s energy. As if a baby has some kind of personal energy outside of eating, sleeping, and pooping.

Porsha brought it all to Eva, who remained oblivious until that moment.

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It all went downhill from there. Kenya came at Eva, who tried to be calm but was adamant that’s not what she said. Eva ended up very slowly storming out. Kenya took to Twitter to vent her frustrations. “First I have bad energy, I’m nappy headed, now Late mother comments all from someone I’ve done NOTHING to. The personal dogs and attacks are so uncalled for. Just remember I didn’t send for her”.

Kenya continued to sound off, tweeting “But, I guess I was a 2x baby momma she wouldn’t have anything to say. Proud I have a while married” in response to a fan taking issue with Eva’s comment about Kenya having a baby “late in life.”

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Kenya is very clearly having none of Eva’s digs about her age or her baby. Truth be told, I can’t really blame her. She worked hard for that baby. It shouldn’t matter how long it took her in life to become a mom. I don’t agree with the shadiness of re-gifting a doll. I don’t agree with re-gifting, period, let alone something as personal as a baby item. However, it looks like Eva took a page out of Kenya’s book by fighting dirty to keep that peach.


[Photo Credit: Bravo]