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90 Day Fiance Star Tania Maduro Solicited Donations On Facebook To Fund Her Costa Rican Herbal Retreat

It can be difficult to find anything likeable about some of the cast members on 90 Day Fiance. However, I always try to pinpoint something positive in each of them. Colt Johnson could counsel you on issues you might have with your mother, as he is closely–maybe a little too closely–bonded with his own mother, Debbie Johnson. Laura Jallali is a bit thirsty and foolish, but she would be a fantastic resource for sex toy questions. Darcey Silva is needy, whiny and neurotic, but she probably would be great fun to shop for engagement rings with.

Sometimes 90 Day Fiance cast members stretch the likability limits to the max. Case in point–Tania Maduro. Things started off OK–Tania seemed like an energetic, idealistic character who lived life to the fullest. In the ensuing weeks, we found out she is…well, full of something. Unrealistic, self-absorbed and pushy are a few words that come to mind for her. In this week’s episode, Tania revealed that she was leaving her South African fiancé Syngin Colchester to go study herbs in Costa Rica. For a month. Not surprisingly with Tania, there is a little more to this story than is apparent at first glance.

According to Soap Dirt, Tania solicited Facebook friends back in February to help fund her herbal quest. Yes, Tania was looking for others to help pay for her next big life adventure.

Most of us probably wouldn’t dream of asking others for money unless we were desperate, but to each her own. The most shocking thing is that Tania chose to go on her journey at the very same time her fiancé Syngin was in Connecticut. Living in a shed. In her mother’s backyard. Priorities Tania, priorities!

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Soap Dirt shared a screen shot of part of Tania’s Facebook post, in which she stated, “It’s my birthday ya’ll!!!! And the charitable foundation I’m raising funds for – is myself and some healing. But anything I ever do, I always bring back to the community – so it’s really a family affair!”

Did Tania know when she was soliciting funds for the Tania Herbal Foundation that she was going to be bringing Syngin to the U.S. at the very same time as the retreat? It just all seems so…poorly planned. On a plus note, her month long journey gives Syngin the perfect opportunity to run for the hills!

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In a second Facebook screen shot, Tania explained her goals in going to Costa Rica. She went on to share, “My next journey is a month long herbal intensive in Costa Rica. The cost including a BIPOC discount, is $2,488 including housing and 5 days a week meals. Flight is also extra. Please donate if you are able and share, share, share. Thank you so much and I can’t wait to share what I learn!”

In theory, this all sounds fantastic. Learning about practices that might help others and sharing back with the community. Except you are living in a shed, Tania. With your fiancé. And have 90 tick-tock days to marry him. Wouldn’t a retreat be your last priority with all this going on? Oh those pesky life details, our flighty shed goddess!

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It is not clear how much money Tania raised with her request. I am sure bewildered viewers will find out more about the Amazing Adventures of Tania as the 90 Day Fiance season progresses. It remains to be seen how much her fiancé will be a part of those adventures.


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