The Worst Below Deck Crews

(Photo by: Karolina Wojtasik/Bravo/NBCU Photo Bank via Getty Images)

Every now and then on Below Deck, a crew comes onboard that we loath. Even with 1-2 skilled yachties within, these casts as a whole were unwatchable. Whether they were combative, or they dropped far too many balls, their seasons were a miss. If you’re already picturing one such cast in your mind, it’s possibly on this list below, where the worst Below Deck crews from each of the various spin-offs on Bravo can be found.

To note, as Below Deck Adventure only had one season, we are giving this one a pass. Same for Below Deck Down Under, as all seasons led by Captain Jason Chambers and Aesha Scott (thus far) have ended well, despite the smaller handful of problematic crew members within.

Below Deck Sailing Yacht Season 1


When the first look for Below Deck Sailing Yacht dropped, we were excited. The spin-off teased the same high-stakes drama found in the other Below Deck series, but with the added component of filming on an ever-tipping sailing yacht. Our excitement quickly faded as this season aired though, as this crew failed to gel. This turned BDSY Season 1 into background noise, where it remains, ranked in the bottom spot for this series.

Captain Glenn Shephard led this new crew, which consisted of Byron Hissey, Paget Berry, Adam Glick, Jenna MacGillivray, Madison Stalker, Georgia Grobler, Ciara Duggan, and Parker McCown. However, Parker resigned halfway through this inaugural season, and was quickly replaced by Chris Miller. Onboard, a toxic romance blossomed between Chef Adam and Chief Stew Jenna. Likewise, Ciara and Paget’s romance, which began years prior, was put to the test by the singing temptress named Georgia.

Georgia knew one song, and though she sang it well, it became annoying to consistently hear. It was almost like she was using this series to gain traction in an entirely different career field, which we can’t hate on her for, but it got old fast. As did her flirtations with a taken man, and yes, on this, Paget was equally responsible. All of these frustrating scenarios bummed us out, as this was truly one of Below Deck’s worst crews.

Below Deck Mediterranean Season 5


If we could only use one word to describe Below Deck Mediterranean Season 5’s crew, it’d be “ugh.” Here, Bosun Malia White and Captain Sandy Yawn introduced us to malia-time law, which saw Hannah Ferrier fired. Granted, Hannah should have registered her prescription meds prior to the first charter, but her firing still just felt…snake-like. Similarly, the rest of the crew was also a miss, minus Chef Hindrigo “Kiko” Lorran and Aesha, that is.

Season 5’s crew consisted of Captain Sandy, Hannah, Malia, Aesha, Kiko (who was later replaced by Tom Checketts), Lara Flumiani, Bugsy Drake, Jessica More, Peter Hunziker, Alex Radcliffe and Robert Westergaard. Within, Jessica was insecure in her boatmance with Robert, which saw her attacking Aesha after a picture showed Aesha’s hand lingering over Robert’s backside. Peter was fired post-production for his online behavior, and Laura quickly became one of the worst Below Deck crew members we’ve ever seen.

When Tom, Malia’s then-boyfriend, walked onboard, his scenes were frustrating, making us even angrier that Captain Sandy had fired Kiko. As a whole, Below Deck Mediterranean Season 5 was one for the history books with Hannah’s firing, but still, this is a book that we never wish to read again. We can now only just label this Below Deck crew as being one of the worst.

Below Deck Season 7


Below Deck Season 7 marked the end of Chief Stew Kate Chastain‘s run on this series. Sadly, her last season saw her paired up with horrific crew members. Though her interior team was solid, the men that made up the exterior team all sucked. As did the chef.

Captain Lee Rosbach led from the wheelhouse. Making up the interior team was Kate, Simone Mashile, and Courtney Skippon. In the galley, sucking the soul out of this season, was Chef Kevin Dobson. The two women on the deck team, Abbi Murphy, later replaced by Rhylee Gerber, were fine, mostly.

Abbi quit to spend time with her boyfriend, who she married, so at least that worked out. Her replacement Rhylee entered, and immediately began calling out the behaviors of the men, which wasn’t well received. Granted, Rhylee’s delivery isn’t great, but her male counterparts were the Brü Crew from hell, so we understood her frustrations. Afterwards, Rhylee found herself on the outs, but she did bond with the interior team, which we loved.

Ashton Pienaar led Brian de Saint Pern and Tanner Sterback on deck. When Ryhlee joined, Ashton, who had worked with her in the past, was annoyed. Therefore, he used his Bosun ranking to assign Rhylee to menial tasks. He also created a hostile work environment by speaking badly about her to Brian and Tanner.

As for examples, when Kevin was bad mouting Rhylee to the men, Ashton asked, “Did you slap her with your d***?” Ashton also punched a window when angry at Kate, while Kevin kicked sand in Kate’s face. Overall, the misogynistic men on Below Deck Season 7 made up the absolute worst crew we’ve ever seen.