Real Housewives Of New Jersey Recap: The Last Supper

The Real Housewives of New Jersey are back from Jamaica, but the drama is far from over. Teresa Giudice is dealing with the aftermath of Joe Giudice’s appeal being denied. Her life will never be the same after this. The biggest impact will obviously be on the lives of their four daughters. However, that’s not the only issue in Jersey. Things are getting messy in Dolores Catania’s life as well. Her ex Frank Catania isn’t so sure about current boyfriend David Principe.

On last week’s episode another can of worms was opened thanks to Margaret Josephs. She didn’t believe Teresa who claimed Danielle Staub and Marty Caffrey slept together. As a result of Margaret calling Marty to fact check, Teresa’s in the doghouse with Danielle. It’s so twisted and confusing and messy. How long will it be before Danielle’s wrath is felt by everyone? 

Joe Real Housewives Of New Jersey

Joe Gorga returns from Teresa’s to give Melissa Gorga the news. It’s so odd she hasn’t told her children yet. Teresa needs to get on that before they hear from someone else.

I get that she wants to protect and shelter them, but this is serious. Their lives are about to change in a big way, and they need to be prepared. This is the beginning of a new chapter they need to face head on.

Dolores and Frank look at light fixtures for the new house when she learns Joe’s fate. Dolores is so loyal to Teresa and all about family, but enough is enough. Someone should convince Teresa to give up at this point.

Melissa fires back at her husband saying Teresa has to fight for Joe because of the girls. That makes sense given her father passing away when she was young. I’ll give her that. Dolores however thinks Teresa needs to make a decision to either give up or try one more time.

Jennifer Aydin Real Housewives Of New Jersey

Jennifer asks her daughter how her day was and learns her daughter is still being bullied. Any time a child is bullied, it’s absolutely heartbreaking. Getting hit in the head with a ball is entirely unacceptable.

Her brother Steven shows up to give the kids a music lesson which should be fun. He’s a music teacher, and her parents didn’t accept him at first. He didn’t go into the family business like he was “supposed to.

It’s also revealed that her brother is gay, and her family doesn’t talk about it. It’s a shameful thing to his family that they have a gay son. How awful is it that they won’t even acknowledge it? So sad.

Jennifer’s daughter pulls her aside and asks if her uncle is gay. Jennifer is supportive of her brother which is somewhat surprising but in a pleasant way. The way she handles family matters is a lot different from her behavior with the group. I’m impressed.

Danielle Staub Real Housewives Of New Jersey

We have a wild Danielle sighting! Teresa meets Danielle for drinks, and I doubt Danielle is over the “betrayal”. How long until she makes this entire get together about herself?

Danielle asks about Joe, and Teresa reveals Milania finally knows about the appeal denial. This truly is heartbreaking for the children. What a shame that their parents put them in this position.

Danielle says she and Marty have made progress in their relationship together. Things are good between the two. PLEASE DO NOT GET BACK WITH THAT WOMAN. Shake my head.

Margaret Josephs Real Housewives Of New Jersey

Margaret invites Marty over to hopefully get some answers. Could he really be foolish enough to fall back into that spider’s web? Let’s hope not.

Marty is not happy his personal life was discussed by the group. Their living arrangement is so fu**ing weird. Who wants to live in a house with their ex? NOT ME.

Danielle wants the house which explains why Marty is still around. Whatever. I mean COME ON. Danielle is so transparent.

Margaret practically choked on her snack when Marty said he sees a possible future between himself and Danielle. To make things worse, he makes it obvious that they slept together. How can he be that dumb? How is this happening?

Danielle’s playing a good game though! That’s for sure. She’s managing to play two men at the same time, and she’s pulling it off great.

Jackie Goldschneider Real Housewives Of New Jersey

Jackie’s taking her kids to see her father, so this should be fun. Her parents are happily married, but they don’t live together. FASCINATING.

She reveals how much her father loves gambling. Jackie was gambling as a child. Something tells me that’s not the best way to raise your children.

Her father plays an old video and asks the kids who the “big girl” was. That’s just not okay to say. He called out how fat she was. Wow.

Jackie really found comfort in food which many can relate to. She says she developed a terrible disorder, and what her dad says next is downright shocking. He says it was almost worth it.

Who would say that to their child? I’m not the biggest Jackie fan, but my heart hurts for her over this. I am still in shock that he said that.

Gia Giudice Real Housewives Of New Jersey

Meanwhile at Teresa’s, Gia is NOT handling the news about Joe very well. Clearly she wants to be able to let Joe give up, but she also wants him home with them. However, it’s becoming clearer every day that it’s not likely to ever happen.

Audriana has no clue what’s going on. They want only positive vibes and good memories for her. That’s cute in theory, but they are just delaying the inevitable. Eventually she will know, and she will be crushed.

Dolores Catania Real Housewives Of New Jersey

Dolores arranges to have a beautiful spread for Easter dinner. It looks so delicious. I would die for the food she has there. Tension is mounting a little bit because of Frank’s growing issue with David.

She tries to hard to keep her parents healthy, but they just don’t care. It looks like she might as well be talking to a brick wall. In addition to that, she’s dealing with Frank being annoyed that Dolores isn’t upset David’s late to dinner. Get over it buddy.

Frank is trying to get her family to push the commitment agenda with David. Why can’t they just let Dolores do what she wants and but out?

Teresa Giudice Real Housewives Of New Jersey

It’s time for a Gorga/Giudice family dinner. Who would’ve imagined Melissa and Teresa spending a holiday together without fighting? It’s about damn time.

THE SPRINKLE COOKIE JOKE HAD ME DYING. That’s hilarious in every way. Wow Melissa and Teresa have come a long way.

Something seems wrong with Teresa’s father, but he keeps playing it off. Not only is that happening, but Audriana is breaking my heart. The lamb chops reminded her of Joe, so it’s good she has at least some memory.

Everyone in the room is crying while talking to Joe. It’s so sad to watch. They’ve lost so much time with their father. None of that time can ever be returned.

Audriana breaks down after the call. Thankfully Gia takes her for a walk to calm her down. This is a lot for a 9 year old to digest and deal with.

Have we ever seen this family happy? It’s always turmoil. It’s always pain. It is always a total mess of sadness and chaos.

Her daughter asks her straight up if Joe is being deported. Teresa continues to shelter her away from the truth. This won’t work forever. She will never see her father in the same way again. It’s a sad truth.


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