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I am still shook after Kathryn Dennis posted a NEW photo hanging out with Thomas Ravenel. The picture of the Southern Charm stars did not include their two children, Kensie and Saint. So, what was the deal?

The Southern Charm fandom was in a flutter. Why were these two hanging out? Especially after everything they’ve been through. Are they back together? It was tough not to wonder, at least for the Southern Charm super fans. Well, Kathryn didn’t remove the ability to comment on that photo, so, of course, she got a lot of questions about their relationship status.

The Instagram account Comments by Celebs came through with some screenshots of the comments section on Kathryn’s photo. One Instagram user wrote, “Kathryn, imma need more information about this.” In response, Kathryn insisted, “lol we are JUST friends.”

Another person wrote, in all caps, mind you, “WHY ARE YOU AROUND THOMAS AND YOU’RE POST PICS OF IT.” Kathryn replied, “why not.” Oh, girl. There is a long list of reasons. He publicly claimed that she covered up an abortion. She took him to court (again) after a video surfaced of him allegedly doing drugs. He took her to court when she got into a car accident (twice) with their kids in the car. He was on trial for sexual assault and accused of rape. Kathryn’s mom claimed Thomas dragged Kathryn. The list goes on and on, but those were just the recent stories.


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I’m all for uniting as co-parents, but hanging out as friends is just pretty shocking to me… and  some other Southern Charm viewers.

Someone else commented on Kathryn’s photo, “I’m convinced there’s a shortage of real men in your town…” And Kathryn said, “correct.” CLEARLY. Well, minus Craig Conover. He’s a total gem with his burgeoning pillow empire and all.


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