Cameran Eubanks Was Shocked When She Found Out How Much Money Craig Conover Is Making From His Pillow Business

One of the perks of reality star fame is that it can be a great launching pad for starting businesses. Reality stars have branched off into clothing, makeup and skincare lines, restaurants, wines and more. Some of these endeavors have been successful, some of them not. It is understandable anyone would want to strike while the reality iron is hot.

Southern Charm’s Craig Conover is one reality star who has started to have some success in the business world. His co-stars snickered when Craig shared his dreams of making pillows, but during the past year, he has launched a business, Sewing Down South, that is becoming more and more successful. Two of Craig’s fiercest critics have been co-stars Shep Rose and Cameran Eubanks. We all know Shep is not likely to eat his throw pillow words anytime soon, but Cameran has started to see the light on Craig’s business venture.

In an interview with Entertainment Tonight, Cameran shared, “I asked Craig yesterday, I said, ‘How many pillows have you sold?’ He told me the number, I got out my calculator, I started doing some math, and I found out how much money he’s actually made and I wanted to vomit.”

That sounds supportive, I guess. Cameran did not give up any details on just how many pillows Craig has sold, but it must have been a lot to make her want to toss her cookies!

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“And I take back everything I said — he’s making way more money than an attorney,” Cameran added. “Way more!” It is safe to assume the pillow business must be pretty lucrative for Craig, as Cameran had been adamant he should be pursuing a legal career.

Craig told Entertainment Tonight that his pillow business has been fulfilling. “Yeah, weirdly, I think I’m happy and I found my kind of happy place, I guess,” he explained.

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We all watched Craig struggle season after season to find his place in the world and it looks like he has landed solidly into success. Now he has his own dream business and has been promoting it through having pillow parties to sell his merchandise.

Craig went on to say, “I did an event the other day and it said, ‘Craig From Sewing Down South’ instead of ‘Craig from Southern Charm,’ and I was, like, really proud! I was like, I think I’ve really made something. Everyone has been super supportive.”

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Although Craig is building his success, he is not leaving his old friends behind. He has offered Southern Charm buddy Austen Kroll a collaboration opportunity. Craig stated, “We’ve invited him to join the Pillow Party tour as our alcohol sponsor, which would be great and he hasn’t pulled the trigger.” He added that Austen’s current “focus” might be on his rekindled relationship with ex Madison Lecroy.

Take advantage, Austen. Trop Hop isn’t going to sell itself when there are thousands of other IPA beers out there. Ride the pillow wave! Madison will always be there–at least as long as you are a star of Southern Charm. And who knows just how successful Craig will become? This could be a golden marketing opportunity for Austen.

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In October, Craig hinted in an Instagram post that more is on the horizon for his pillow business. He posted a photo of himself in front of a Thomasville Furniture sign, teasing, “Big things coming.” He did not share anything beyond that brief statement, but it certainly sounds promising.

It is great to see someone have an idea they believe in, stick with it and turn it into a successful business. Craig is living the American dream, one pillow at a time.

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[Photo Credit: Bravo]