Jax Taylor Regrets Having Tom Sandoval In His Wedding; Says Tom Did “Some Below The Belt” Things This Season

The Jax Taylor and Tom Sandoval feud is still going strong. Tom ended up serving as one of the best men in Jax’s wedding after Jax demoted him, but they’re clearly not on good terms these days.

And I’m sure it doesn’t help that Jax has been talking shit about Tom’s girlfriend, Ariana Madix, in interviews and on social media.

Jax and his wife Brittany Cartwright reflected on their wedding in a recent interview with Entertainment Tonight. Jax confessed, “I did change my mind and allow him to not only come to the wedding, but to be in my wedding and do I regret that, yes.”

Jax also capitalized on major buzz word in reality TV (and in general): “bullied.” Don’t get me wrong, bullying is very much a real thing, but I don’t feel like some of these reality stars use it correctly. Nevertheless, Jax said, “I just wish I would’ve stood by what I said. I felt I was a little bit bullied into bringing him back in.” And was he “bullied” by production who wanted the highest tensions possible at that wedding? Or Sandoval himself?


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Then, Jax teased what we can expect from this feud for the rest of the season. He claimed, “There’s some things he did during this season that haven’t played out yet that were just uncalled for, absolutely uncalled for — below the belt, should never, ever happen to a friend — and I made my decision that I did not want him there. I don’t want to give it away but it’s really uncalled for.” I cannot wait to see what he’s referring to. But, this might actually be a legitimate grip since Brittany actually yes “f*ck off” at Sandoval at some point this season.


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