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Ariana Madix Says Jax Taylor Is A Bullsh*tter, A Liar, & A Propagandist And Tom Sandoval Is A Really, Sweet Awesome Friend That Cares About People”

In real life, it would be fair to say that Jax Taylor and Tom Sandoval have simply “grown apart.” But, on Vanderpump Rules, it’s much messier than that. It all started when Jax got upset with Tom for missing his “pre-bachelor party,” which I had no idea was even a thing.

The tension continued with talk about their new homes. But, here’s what viewers really want to know: is the Jax and Tom bromance really over? Or is this season just a bump in the road?

Based on Tom and Ariana Madix’s recent appearance on the Just the Sip podcast, the tension is still very much there. Host Justin Sylvester asked Tom, “What the f*ck is going on with you and Jax?” In response, Tom admitted, “I mean, dude, I ask the same question because when I watched that episode, I was like ‘Wow. this guy was just on this propaganda tour going everywhere.”

Ariana chimed in with, “[Jax] was lying through his teeth. The devil works hard, but Jax Taylor works harder because that boy is sitting there saying ‘you didn’t reach out.’ And Tom is like ‘Not only did I reach out, but you responded to my text reaching out.’ So, OK, wow. He is really just trying to fool everybody.”
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Sandoval realled that Jax “went around telling everybody that I have been ghosting him [and] have been MIA. He had a pre-bachelor party that basically came up like three days before it happened and as soon as it came up, I immediately said ‘I cannot do this. This is the only time I can see my family before we start filming and it’s Mother’s Day. OK?’ So, I had already booked these tickets. I bought eight tickets to the Cardinals game, actually ten tickets to go with my whole family and my friends back home.” That sounds perfectly reasonable to me, but apparently, Jax did not feel the same way.
Tom continued, “Three days before I leave, Jax decides he’s gonna have a pre-bachelor party at the Roosevelt. I’m like ‘Dude, I can’t make it. I’m sorry.’ He was like, ‘No worries, man. This is literally just for the people who can’t make the bachelor party. No worries at all.’ Low and behold, I don’t go there and he starts the whole time he’s there, people are like, ‘Where’s Tom?’ and he’s like ‘I don’t want to talk about it.’ Dude, we did talk about it.”
Ariana described the whole situation as “Survivor, groomsmen-style.” She also said, “Jax is a groomzilla.”
Apparently, Jax wanted a lot from Tom as a member of the wedding party, but he did not exactly go “all out” when he was a groomsman in Tom Schwartz’s wedding. Sandoval shared, “I remember leading up to Schwartz’s wedding, you literally did Jack shit. You did nothing. You still owe me for me flying the triplets in.” And I’m sure that Sandoval will never get that money back.
Tom continued, “So then, he’s like telling everybody how I’m not reaching out to him, how I’m not doing anything. It’s all bullsh*t.”
Ariana was very direct with her analysis on the tension between Sandoval and Jax. She declared, “The cause is that Jax is a bullsh*tter, a liar, and a propagandist and Tom is a really, sweet awesome friend that cares about people.” Tom agreed and said, “Yes.” Ariana continued, “I’m not gonna lie. That’s just how I feel.”
Tom insisted that he did what he could to be a good friend and groomsman. He claimed, “I hit him up on the regular and was just like, ‘If you need anything, let me know.'” And the conversation included with the most important comment of them all: “By the way, a pre-bachelor party is not a thing.” NO, IT IS NOT.
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