Denise Richards & Aaron Phypers

Denise Richards’ Husband Aaron Phypers Threatens John Sessa & Lisa Vanderpump With Legal Action

Denise Richards was the only full-time Real Housewives of Beverly Hills cast member cool with Lisa Vanderpump. Unfortunately for her (and her Twitter mentions), that is not the case nowadays.

It all started with a recent appearance Denise made on Watch What Happens Live. A fan called in and said Denise “sort of turned on” LVP and asked if something happened off-screen. Denise responded with a very slurred awkward answer. She said, “No, I didn’t turn on her! There was… incidences that happened and I’m….. you know. It happened.” And this led to a firestorm of Twitter drama with Denise, Lisa, Lisa’s henchman John Sessa, and, ultimately a threat of legal action from Denise’s husband Aaron Phypers. Denise caused more drama from answering one question on Watch What Happens Live than she did months filming RHOBH Season 9.

In response to a clip from Denise’s interview on Watch What Happens Live, Lisa mentioned that Vanderpump Dogs rescued eight dogs Denise was fostering after the California wildfires. Vanderpump Rules Executive Director John Sessa stepped in to say that Denise didn’t give them a donation or thank them.

Then, Aaron somehow got a hold of John’s number and sent him a pretty angry text. John took a screenshot of that message and sent it to Lisa who decided to tweet it, of course. Aaron (allegedly) texted John,

“Hi John, this is Denise’s husband, Not sure if you understand what defamation of character means, but if your twitter posts or any social media that is negative to my wife is not removed effective immediately, we will seek full legal action against you and call all of those involved.. Please Cease and desist all other comments useing any [likeness] Name or images of my wife Denise Richards or any of our family members. Thank you for your cooperation.”

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Aside from sending that grammatical mess, Aaron added in a praying hands emoji, which is debatably a high five emoji. Regardless, it is an out of context emoji for sure.

When Lisa tweeted the screenshot, she wrote “Wow, no good deed goes unpunished huh? John literally stated the truth about a nice act of our foundation, and this is your response? No defamation whatsoever, just the truth. Have a blessed day.” Oh, semantics. Lisa really is a wordsmith when it comes to phrasing her side of the story. She always wins, right?

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Nevertheless, Aaron seems to be way over the top with his reaction. If anything, he is the one is drawing the negative attention to his wife. Lisa and John tweet so much that their posts would have been lost in the feed. Now, Aaron resurrected the Twitter exchange and made this whole thing worse.

Yes, they were trying to make her look bad. Their posts were not solely about sharing a “nice act of their foundation.” However, Aaaron needs to chill. Denise should have thanked the foundation and made a donation. Overall, everyone needs to take their anger down a notch… or ten.

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