Tom Sandoval Says He & Ariana Madix Are Closer Since She Came Out As Bisexual

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So many Vanderpump Rules couples have come and gone (RIP Jax Taylor and Laura-Leigh) but Tom Sandoval and Ariana Madix seem to be the exception to the rule. Ever since Tom’s explosive breakup with Kristen Doute and subsequent hook-up-turned-relationship with Ariana, the two have been a united front of inseparable couples. It wasn’t easy either. Kristen was long suspicious of Tom and Ariana’s closeness behind the bar and had been accusing Ariana of messing around with Tom for some time. Ariana denied it over and over, only for Tom to finally admit that they kissed in a Las Vegas pool. But by that point, it didn’t really matter – Tom and Kristen were over and Tom was ready to move on to Ariana.

Ariana quickly moved in and the two have been solid as a rock, despite a few issues with Ariana’s insecurities that led to a dry spell in their sex life. They also butt heads over Ariana’s desire to write a book, which they ultimately wrote together. But when it came to Tom’s dreams and ambitions, Ariana was his biggest supporter, championing his work in opening and running TomTom with best pal, Tom Schwartz. If only Katie Maloney was as supportive of her partner. Tom and Ariana went on to buy a house and settle into domestic life.

Now that the two are long settled into the show, Ariana has finally felt comfortable enough in her life to come out as bisexual. Without hesitation, Tom has supported her decision, telling Us Weekly, “I think that the more you’re open and honest about who you are, I feel like it just makes you stronger in the end.” He insists the pair are tighter than ever and confirms, “It’s something I’ve known.”

When Ariana finally decided to come out at the annual Pride episode, a weight was clearly lifted off her shoulder. She said of the moment, “I feel better now that people know because I’m living more truthfully. I’m a B. I mean always got As, but I’ll take this B.”


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In addition to her coming out, Ariana has long been open and honest about her struggles with anxiety but Tom says Ariana is currently in a much better place. He discloses, “She’s doing great. We’re doing great. Obviously, it’s something that she struggles with on a regular basis. I go through phases, but mine is more … I will struggle with that in the beginning of the year around January is always a really hard month for me, but she struggles with it on a regular basis. All I could do is try to be supportive, try not to be annoying. Because I’ll try to overcompensate it and it’s annoying.”

Tom says they are both in a good place but have no specific plans for the future, “I don’t really have any relationship goals. I think maybe take a trip, just spend time with each other, do some fun activities, keep ourselves busy,” he explained.


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Tom shared, “Whenever we’re busy, whenever we’re working out, healthy, being proactive, it just tends to be a positive influence on our relationship. We just want to kind of keep those things going on. Get the house in order, keep doing this cocktail book tour. I’m stoked. We’re very close. We joke around on a regular basis. We have great debates, intelligent debates.” Ultimately, Tom says, “We have a lot of respect for each other. It’s a positive thing.”

Sounds like Tom and Ariana are in it for the long haul.


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