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Andy Cohen Says Real Housewives Of Dallas Wouldn’t Have Lasted If It Wasn’t For LeeAnne Locken

By now, Real Housewives of Dallas fans know that LeeAnne Locken will not be on the show for Season 5. That really isn’t much of a surpise considering the way Season 4 ended. It was basically LeeAnne vs. everyone, including Andy Cohen, at the reunion. And for good reason too.

LeeAnne was under fire for making racially insensitive comments about Kary Brittingham, during multiple episodes. It just did not seem at all likely that LeeAnne could return to the show. Not in 2020, that’s for sure. Nevertheless, we can’t ignore that pretty much every (interesting) storyline was driven by LeeAnne. They really need to step things up when it comes to casting RHOD Season 5.

Andy dished on LeeAnne’s exit from the show during a recent episode of Radio Andy. People reported that Andy kept it positive, which is surprising given his strong stance on LeeAnne’s recent scandal.

Andy admitted,”I don’t think that Dallas would still be going if it weren’t for her contribution to the series. She has been an incredibly strong part of the show.” Ain’t that the truth?


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Andy described LeeAnne as “a driving character — driving a lot of drama and humor and heart.” Andy added, “I want to salute her for that because she has made a significant and important contribution to that show.” She was that show.

Andy also acknowledged, “On a personal note to her, I wish that our last go-around on the air hadn’t been so contentious. I’m hoping that once the breeze has blown through she will come back and join me for a KiKi at some point on Watch What Happens Live.”


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Andy said he was “optimistic” about the future success of the show. I respectfully disagree. I am worried, Andy. I totally get LeeAnne’s departure from the show. I mean, she had to go, but I’m concerned about who we are left with. I really can’t go a whole season hearing about D’Andra Simmons‘ struggling company and Kary’s fledgling jewelry line. They really need to shake up this cast for Season 5.
And, then there’s the elephant in the room: Brandi Redmond. Will she still be a full-time cast member after that video resurfaced of Brandi mocking Asians. Maybe that trip to rehab saved Brandi’s spot on the show. I have no idea how rehab could have helped that whole situation, but I’m assuming we’ll hear more about this, possibly on Season 5.

Andy claimed, ” I think in terms of the future of the show, we’ve got spectacular casting and I’m looking forward with great optimism and we’ve got a great group of Housewives in Dallas.” I’ll believe it when I see it.


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