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Video Of Real Housewives Of Dallas Star Brandi Redmond Seemingly Mocking Asians Surfaces On Twitter; She Defends Her Behavior

Brandi Redmond is definitely one of those Real Housewives who isn’t afraid of letting it all hang out. During the first seasons of the Real Housewives of Dallas, she and BFF Stephanie Hollman often engaged in goofy escapades, sometimes amusing, sometimes not. This season, for the most part, Brandi was a little more reserved and her behavior was not as overtly attention-seeking.

Somehow, Brandi even managed to maintain a cordial relationship with messy LeeAnne Locken. Considering their track record, this was nothing short of miraculous. By Part 1 of the cast reunion, their relationship had soured and in upcoming previews, Brandi appears to call out LeeAnne for her racially-tinged comments directed towards Kary Brittingham  in Thailand. Recently, however, a video surfaced of Brandi engaging in some inappropriate behavior of a similarly questionable nature.

A Twitter user shared a video of Brandi in which she appears to mock Asians. In the video, Brandi is in her car with her children. The video seems to be a few years old as her daughters look a bit younger than in the current season. Brandi is filmed speaking in what could be described as a “stereotypical Asian accent.”

In the video, Brandi says, “Oh, everybody ask me…uh…uh…what Asian I am cuz of my eyes, they squinty.” Brandi is obviously using grammatically incorrect English and is playing with her hair throughout the short clip.


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So many questions. Why did Brandi choose to make this offensive video in the first place? Was it related to the mutual animosity she and D’Andra Simmons had for each other during season 2, at one point D’Andra even stating that Brandi often looked like she was asleep? Why did she film the video in front of her daughters? And why did Brandi share the clip with other people?

When celebrities and reality stars are caught with her their pants down, so to speak, they generally have three modes of response. Ignore it. Issue an apology. Double down. Guess which approach Brandi took?


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If you guessed option number three, you are correct! In response to being called out and questioned about the appropriateness of the video on Twitter, Brandi responded, “I was referring to myself And being Asian. Cheers.”

As I don’t believe Brandi is Asian, how can she refer to herself as Asian? And why would she think it was acceptable to do so? There really is nothing funny about the video. Such stereotyped images were not appropriate 50 years ago and they are certainly not appropriate in the 21st century. Brandi has since deleted her comments, but thanks to the wonders of technology, screenshots exist forever.


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Of course, Brandi continued to respond and try to explain herself. In another post, she stated, “It’s a good impersonation if I do say so myself and there was no harm done. I would do it again for a damn good audition. Have a great day.”

Any time racial stereotypes are perpetuated, harm is done Brandi. What is possibly most disturbing about the video is that Brandi filmed it in front of her daughters. And she wonders why her oldest daughter acts out sometimes. Connect the dots Brandi, connect the dots.

Considering that Brandi was highly offended when Kameron Wescott referred to her behavior as “trash” during the cast Mexico trip, you would think that she would be a little more sensitive to people from different races, backgrounds and cultures.


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Over the weekend, Brandi tweeted, “A video resurfaced of me from three years ago which at the time I had posted and quickly deleted and then immediately apologized for my insensitivity . I would like to once again sincerely apologize for my offensive actions.”

It will be interesting to see how all of this plays out for Brandi. Will the video impact her role on RHOD? At the very least, I would hope she would use this as a learning opportunity. Maybe she and culturally clueless LeeAnne can get a group rate for a badly needed sensitivity training. Do better, ladies, do better!


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