Camille Grammer on Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills

Camille Grammer isn’t exactly my favorite housewife. Despite being a pot-stirring “friend of” last season on Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, I’m tired of her always playing the victim and accusing everyone of attacking her. Sure, I don’t mind that she called out Dorit Kemsley and husband PK Kemsley for owing people money. But true to form, she padded that attempted take down in by telling us that she was forced to buy Burberry on consignment after losing her house in the California wildfires. The horror people, the horror. As much as I felt sorry for her losing her house, I thought maybe she would be in a slightly different head space and maybe not in the mood to try and disparage Dorit in that moment. But then I guess she wouldn’t be the Camille we all know and don’t love.

Let’s admit it” Camille is working hard to get that diamond back and complaining every step of the way!

Never one to let us forget that she is the real casualty of the show, Camille has taken some time to respond to those on Twitter calling for her return. When a user recently tweeted, “how much are u gonna be on season 10 of #rhobh? I’m very sad your [sic] not a fill time housewife this season 🙁 Cmon”, she took the time to respond.

Camille seized her chance and tweeted in reply, “Being that I showed up for the reunion and brought the drama I was disappointed that I wasn’t asked back until a couple of months into filming. I was suppose to do confessionals (interviews) but that has not happened. So, I don’t believe you will see much of me this season.”


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Yes, she showed up for the reunion and brought the drama. She also showed up to the season to bring drama everywhere she went. With Lisa Vanderpump all but gone, Camille was brought in to fill the gaps on some much-needed fighting. And drama she brought.

From flip flopping on Lisa’s attendance at her wedding, to accusing Teddi Mellencamp of snubbing her daughter, Camille left no stone unturned when it came to bringing it. She even argued with the ladies over the latest Supreme Court Justice pick by comparing the controversy to being maligned by the public in her divorce from Kelsey Grammer. The real question I have to ask is – what doesn’t revolve around Camille? How could one person make so much about them?


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But I suppose without Camille last season, there wouldn’t be much for us to talk about. Which is exactly what Camille wants.


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