Ramona Singer Has Been In Touch With Andy Cohen Since His Coronavirus Diagnosis; Encourages People To Be Positive

WATCH WHAT HAPPENS LIVE WITH ANDY COHEN -- Episode 15081 -- Pictured: Ramona Singer -- (Photo by: Charles Sykes/Bravo)

Ramona Singer has been keeping us pretty entertained during our quarantine from the coronavirus. Her Instagram is a sight to behold. Just yesterday, she posted a video of herself in a white negligee, mopping her kitchen floor with bleach. I’m still unclear if it was a tutorial or if she was just documenting what her days are like but either way, it was highly entertaining Ramona content.

Now that she’s cooped up with her daughter Avery Singer and ex-husband Mario Singer, it’s clear that Ramona has some extra time on her hands. She went into quarantine with them in Boca Raton, Florida earlier this month and despite the unconventional arrangement, it seems to be working for them. Mario is even stepping it up to help her out with all her errands since she is high risk for the virus due to a recent Lyme Disease diagnosis.

Ramona isn’t the only one starting to go stir crazy in quarantine. Our Father of Bravo, Andy Cohen has tested positive for the coronavirus and has been at home ever since. Andy recently opened up about how hard it is not being able to see his son while in self-isolation but thankfully, he’s got his housewives to help get him through!

According to E! News, Ramona has been in communication with Andy during this whole ordeal. She says, “Listen most people communicate by text, not phone. So I’ve been communicating with him by text,” adding, “He’s hanging in there.”


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Ramona continued with optimism, “He’ll be fine. I’m praying and he’ll be fine. He’s strong, he’s healthy. And the virus you know, 80 percent of the people get over. I mean, I have two friends right now and I actually was with them in Aspen. They have the virus but low. You know, one of my friends was in the hospital. Not in the hospital, in bed for two weeks. He felt better than he was like a jerk. He ran for seven miles then he relapsed. My other friend that I hung out with, and he’s been resting for like the past 10 days. Thank god I didn’t catch it from them.”

Ramona also has some advice for everyone during these difficult times, “You have to laugh every day, put a smile on your face and think positive. This will pass, it will take time. But you have to have a positive outlook. You know, I really believe that if something negative comes, something positive [comes] out of this negative situation.


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Ramona continued, “People are realizing it, how important family and friends are and your health and you know we are only one world, one big country where, you know, it’s just a learning curve.”

I never thought I would say this but whether it’s mopping in her nightie or doling out advice on how to get through this, Ramona is the housewife we all need right now.


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[Photo Credit: Charles Sykes/Bravo]