Below Deck Sailing Yacht Star Madison Stalker Claps Back After Jenna MacGillivray Calls Her “Unprofessional”; Thinks It’s Hypocritical When Jenna Makes Out With Adam Glick During Work

Madison Stalker is definitely struggling both professionally and emotionally.  According to her boss, Jenna MacGillivray, the Below Deck Sailing Yacht Second Stew has been under-performing at her job.  Jenna suggests it’s a time management issue as Madison stays up into the wee hours in the hopes of running into crush Parker McCown.  Unfortunately for Madison, he’s just not that into her.  This epiphany is only going to fuel her negativity further.

Madison sees it as Jenna giving her brusque orders without managing the team well.  Jenna also flirts with Chef Adam Glick CONSTANTLY.  Their sexual innuendo permeates the boat, which leaves the rest of the crew feeling like they are interrupting something.  Actually that question comes up a lot.  It’s a small boat.  The tension between Jenna and Madison came to a peak when Jenna expressed her frustrations to Captain Glenn Shephard .

That meeting was more of a warning to Madison than a fruitful discussion.  She called her boss “bitchy” though, which is immature and unproductive regardless of the underlying situation.  Madison may have not expressed her frustrations the best way at the time.  So after the episode aired, she did an interview with Decider to share her side of the story.

Madison responded to a question about her composure during the meeting.  She said, “thank you, that’s pretty much my underlying theme of the whole season.  I try to calmly hold things in because karma is going to be a bitch so I don’t need to be.”

Madison revealed that she didn’t get her point across in that meeting.  “I definitely don’t feel like I was heard because there really is no talking with Jenna,” Madison opined, “the fact that she went behind my back and her whole thing is, if you have an issue come talk to me about it, and she never even talked to me about it.


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Then’s there the issue of Adam and Jenna’s relationship taking over all the space on board.  This doesn’t seem to bother anyone except Madison.  Maybe if Parker didn’t turn her down, she wouldn’t feel so bitter.

It is a professionalism issue though, and Madison had this to say on the matter.  “The fact that she threw around the word unprofessional is just.  It was flabbergasting,” she said, “like, you’re making out in the galley, you’re making out in the crew mess, you’re literally hanging all over someone, during work.  It was very uncomfortable and I was just like, it’s fine, it’s fine.  It would’ve been petty for me to be like, this is so ridiculous.


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Since Madison’s bedtime has come into question, she addressed that too.  Regarding the breakfast and note that she left for Parker, Madison explained, “and then for me to legitimately take two minutes to do something nice for someone are write Parker a note like, hey man we got this.  Sometimes Parker and I need pep talks and need reassurances, we’re trying to give each other positive feedback: don’t stress, great day today, let’s get this done, just trying to be there for my friends.  And I’m sorry, it’s not like I made a four-course breakfast.  Me staying up late to make him breakfast?  What?  Dude, it’s a bowl of cereal and a banana.  Maybe that takes you 30 minutes but it took me a whoppin’ two.”

Madison feels that Jenna is not consistent in her expectations as a boss so arguing a point wouldn’t be beneficial.  She explained, “it was just very frustrating and honestly, there’s really no talking with Jenna because she’s very contradicting in a sense.  One day it will be this and then the next day she wants us to do something completely different.  It was constantly changing and I was frustrated and honestly, anything I said was just gonna shoot myself in the foot even more so that’s why I listened and went back to work.”


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It’s interesting how Captain Glenn handled the meeting though.  Whereas he was ready to get rid of Madison, Captain Lee Rosbach would suggest Jenna manage her team better.


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