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NeNe Leakes Says Production Sabotaged Her By Telling Her To Wear A Different Color Than Everyone Else For Real Housewives Of Atlanta Reunion Taping

The Real Housewives of Atlanta cast filmed the season 12 reunion this past weekend via video chat. And the next day, NeNe Leakes shared all of the issues that she had with the day.

Yes, NeNe is an extremely polarizing figure on this show, but based on her account, it’s pretty clear she was sabotaged by production to be the odd one out during the taping. Of course, that is if her story is true. Let’s see what the OG housewife had to say. You be the judge.

In a video on her YouTube page, NeNe began, “The Real Housewives of Atlanta reunion happened yesterday and it was quite interesting to me.”

She explained, “In one of my meetings [before filming], I was asked ‘What color are you going to wear?’ And I said that I was going to wear possibly white. So, I was told that ‘two other people were possibly going to wear white, so you might want to reconsider.’ And I said ‘Say no more. Absolutely. If two other people are already considering wearing white, I’ll wear something different.'”

Aren’t they supposed to coordinate ensembles so it looks cohesive on camera? Why ostracize NeNe like that?


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NeNe continued, “They said ‘what colors are you thinking?’ And I said ‘Maybe a royal blue or pink.’ And they said ‘OK, those are good colors.'” She settled on a black sequin number and felt good going into the taping. That all changed once the day got started though.

NeNe shared, “Once I arrived at the virtual reunion, I notice that all the girls are wearing white. When I say ‘all the girls,’ that would mean everyone except for Marlo [Hampton] and Tanya [Sam] because they were not on at the time yet. I thought ‘Dang, everybody has on white. That’s weird.'”

That’s when she texted Marlo and Tanya to see what color they planned to wear. You guessed it: they both had white outfits. NeNe shared, “So, I start toying with myself in my brain. Should I stay here in this? I really like what I have on.”


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After, she turned to her husband Gregg Leakes for some input. NeNe recalled, “Gregg says ‘If I were you, I would change because you look like a target. You look like a villain. You look like, you know, a black sheep.'” Bingo. That’s very likely what production was trying to pull. NeNe conferred with a friend of hers to get a second opinion and he had the same take that Gregg did.

Gregg even checked in again to make sure that NeNe changed so she wouldn’t be on the outs. She went to her closet to look for something white to wear. At the time, she told herself, “Listen, NeNe. This is probably something that was supposed to throw you off. Don’t let it throw you off. Get back in there. You’re gonna be fine.”


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She added, “I’m thinking to myself ‘this is really messed up.'” She wondered, “Is this a [coincidence]? I ask you, is it a [coincidence] that six people got on white? And I was told to not wear white. So, after changing, I came and I sat.” For the record, NeNe kept saying “coincident” instead of “coincidence,” which was actually pretty funny.


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