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Jackie Goldschneider Explains Why She “Tries To Like Jennifer Aydin, But Just Can’t”; Says She Has Double The Chanel Bags That Jennifer Has

Jennifer Aydin cannot stop talking about how the party Jackie Goldschneider threw for her kids wasn’t big enough. Ironically enough, Jennifer is giving this party more attention than any event she’s ever thrown herself.

During the last episode of Real Housewives of New Jersey, Jennifer called Jackie “cheap” for that birthday party. She threw Margaret Josephs under the bus for talking about Jackie’s eating habits, just to get the heat away from herself. And then, Melissa Gorga called everyone and their kids “losers” (something that really seemed to be glossed over by her fans the fans) and this led to Jennifer throwing some silverware. Teresa Giudice 2.0, I see you, girl. However, Jackie was not amused at all.

During an episode of Bravo’s The Daily Dish podcast, Jackie stated the obvious, “I think Jennifer is very impressed by money.” Duh.

Jackie continued, “And I think that she now views me as ‘Oh my god. What’s wrong with her? Why isn’t she spending this money?’ Which is a total misconception because I spend the money. I just don’t show it off. I mean, if you look at my closet, you’ll probably see double the amount of Chanel bags that Jennifer has, but I would never put that on Instagram. It’s just tacky. It’s probably tacky for me to even say that.” It is tacky, but I get her point.


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Jackie continued to brag, “It’s just that when I sit courtside at the Knicks, I don’t put it on Instagram and Jennifer, that would be like her story of the week, you know?” How casual.

Then she got into Jennifer calling her “cheap” at that cast lunch. Jackie said, “When she called me ‘cheap,’ that really got under my skin. I can tolerate a lot before I explode, but when you imply that I’m taking things away from my own children, for my own benefit, and I’m spending the money for myself instead, then A) you clearly don’t understand the type of money that I have because buying my kids food wouldn’t take anything away from me. But B), you didn’t see that there was a whole sandwich platter in my kitchen, but when a party is from 1 to 3 in your driveway and it’s a drop off party, how much food, do you really need to supply to adults? That’s just not the way I throw parties. I don’t care about impressing anybody.”


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Then she went on about the tray of sandwiches she had in the kitchen during the party. And then Jackie hit Jennifer with a low blow: “When she implied that I cheaped out on this party, I really try hard, in and out of this scene, I really try hard to like Jennifer and I just can’t. I’m sorry. I’m happy to say that because I really am being authentic. In her good moments, I’m like ‘she’s not that bad’ and then she just opens her mouth and something really awful comes out.” At least it’s good TV. Jennifer is really carrying the season when it comes to group drama, but, yeah, I wouldn’t want to be her friend in real life.

Then, Jackie revealed, “I do not speak to Jennifer at all. And it started with that video, it really did.” Oh my god, the video, again! It wasn’t that deep. Jennifer made fun of Jackie making fun of Teresa. If Jackie didn’t mak fun of Teresa, there would be no inspiration for that video. And, again, it really wasn’t that deep. Let it go, Jackie.


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But, Jackie insisted, “I just lost a lot of respect for her then.” And when it really comes down to it, Jackie has a solid reason for not being friends with Jennifer: “I never felt like Jennifer wasn’t stabbing me in the back when I wasn’t there.” And who needs an enemy when you have a friend like Jennifer?


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