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Tinsley Mortimer Doesn’t Think Sonja Morgan Intentionally Shaded Leah McSweeney When She Gave Her Sweatpants

For the most part, Leah McSweeney has been welcomed by the Real Housewives of New York stars. However, she did feel like Sonja Morgan set her up when she sent her a matching grey sweats set to wear to her fashion show. All of the other ladies got sequined gowns and cocktail dresses. Meanwhile, she wanted Leah to dress like she was running out to the corner store to grab a gallon of milk. Sure, athleisure is really in and Leah has uttered the word “streetwear” more times than I can count, but there was definitely a difference between the outfit Leah got and the looks the other ladies got to wear.

Was Sonja being shady on purpose? Or did she just not think that far ahead. Leah thinks it was shady, but admitted that it’s hard to stay mad at Sonja. She’s probably right about that, but a little fun shade is OK. The women have done way worse on this show than giving someone a free sweats set.

On last night’s episode of Watch What Happens Live, Andy Cohen asked, “Was Sonja being shady? Or was it a cute outfit?” Bravo superfan Kristin Chenoweth told him, “It was cute. It was so darling. Not right for the show, I don’t think. I don’t think Sonja, I don’t know her, I only know her on the show.  I don’t think she has a way in her brain about going forward to figure all that out. I thought she thought it was cute. I really did think she thought it looked it cute.”


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RHONY cast member Tinsley Mortimer chimed in with “I agree.” She basically echoed the same sentiments when she added, “Sonja, I don’t think, is thinking that far ahead to know that would have been something for her to wear that was embarrassing her. I think Sonja thought that Leah would look cool in it. I do.”


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Honestly, I don’t even care if Sonja did it on purpose. It’s just not that deep. It was funny and light-hearted. Leah wasn’t even that mad about it, so why should we care when she got over it pretty quickly. It gave us all a good laugh. What more can we want?


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