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Dorinda Medley Says Tinsley Mortimer Has Never Owned Anything

This one-sided feud between Dorinda Medley and Tinsley Mortimer is making it very tough to watch Real Housewives of New York this season. She really has it out for Tinsley. And, ironically enough, instead of making Tinsley look bad, she just makes herself look bad. On top of that, it just gets worse week after week.

If you thought Dorinda learned something after watching these episodes, think again. That is not the case. The shade just won’t stop. Yes, Tinsley is pretty guarded for a reality TV star. However, that’s a way better alternative than being a reality TV star who verbally attacks her co-stars during every single episode. Sorry, girl, Tinsley is winning this feud. She’s not even fighting back and Dorinda is still going in on the future Mrs. Kluth.

Do you remember that episode where Leah McSweeney and Sonja Morgan got topless and went swimming with a bra-clad Tinsley at Ramona Singer’s Hamptons house? Well, the Bravo network Instagram account shared an edited photo of Dorinda standing in front of a painting of the three of them. It’s a cute, harmless post, right? Well, it was. The comments section got a bit vicious, thanks to Dorinda.

According to a screenshot from Comments by Bravo, “Tinsley commented, “The three muses!!! I’m going to use my Columbia University BA with a major in Art History to approve this masterpiece!!!” Humble brag, much? That wording is just so awkward, but that’s not the story here. Let’s continue.


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Leah responded to Tinsley, “Go awf girl!!!” And then Dorinda decided to chime in with “@tinsleymortimer then maybe you can finally own something one day!” Wow, she even made sure to include Tinsley’s Instagram handle. She added some heart emojis at the end, but those don’t make Dorinda’s comment “nice” all of a sudden.

What happened to the Dorinda that we used to know? She was diplomatic during the day, turned up at night, and said funny things instead of making cruel remarks. I miss that woman. #TeamTinsley on this one.


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