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Sheree Whitfield Says NeNe Leakes Won’t Walk Away From Real Housewives Because “She Needs That Check”

Pretty much no one leaves a successful reality show. Sure, it happens, but it’s just not the case with anyone who’s a Real Housewife. As per usual, NeNe Leakes is whining about how difficult it is for her to be on Real Housewives of Atlanta, issuing empty threats about how she might consider leaving. Girl, we all know that this show is the backbone for any side project that you may have going on. Let’s be honest, NeNe needs this show just as much as she needs it herself.

Despite her temper tantrums and reunion walk-outs, NeNe is not quitting this show. There’s just no way. No matter how unfair she feels she’s being treated, NeNe isn’t leaving. She did that once when she thought she was going to become a big Hollywood actress and we all know how that worked out. Or at least that is how her frenemy Sheree Whitfield feels.

During a recent interview with HollywoodLife Sheree said she would “never say never” when she discussed a potential return to the show. But, that’s what every ex-Housewife says. We all know Sheree would return in a heartbeat. Leaving RHOA, was not Sheree’s call. She was fired. She will not admit this, but we all know it. Sheree also claimed that her “breaks [from the show] were necessary]” as if they were her own decision. Sheree, we all see right through this.

Sheree addressed the possibility of filming with NeNe, someone she’s never got along with for more than three minutes. She said, “I am not nervous or scared to film with her.” Of course, she’s not. NeNe and Sheree in the same scene is reality TV gold. Despite the discomfort that might be there, both of them would benefit from being on TV together. Sheree also commented, “I don’t think she’s going to walk away. She needs that check.” Damn right, Sheree. We all see that, well, except for NeNe, who seems a bit out of touch with reality.


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As far as the other current cast members, Sheree seems to be cool with them. She said, “I have a good time with Kandi [Burruss]. Sheree added, “Kenya [Moore] and I are in a good place right now so I’m sure I’d have a good time with Kenya.” And that is something I would love to see on the show. The last time we saw Kenya and Sheree together they were battling it out on behalf of Moore Manor and Chateau Sheree.

Sheree said, “Cynthia [Bailey] is always good fun. Marlo [Hampton]’s fun.” Sheree concluded, “I haven’t really kept up with Porsha [Williams], but I have kept up with the other girls.” That’s not a shock since Porsha is up NeNe’s ass lately friends with NeNe again.


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