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Nene Leakes Reportedly Has A Secret Boyfriend

NeNe Leakes is having quite the season on Real Housewives of Atlanta. Despite bringing little to that table (in my humble opinion), she stays in the news. And maybe that’s her end game. Doing the bare minimum on the show and then staying in the lime light on her own terms.

So far this season, we haven’t seen much of her. But we’ve seen her all over her Instagram and YouTube channel, ripping her cast mates to shreds. NeNe has accused Kandi Burruss of never being number one at anything in her life. She’s called Eva Marcille boring. She even reignited an old beef with Sheree Whitfield. NeNe couldn’t even finish filming the reunion when ex-accomplice Yovanna Momplaisir showed up to tell her side of the Snake Gate story. And let’s face it, storming off made NeNe look guilty as hell for starting the whole thing, just like Yovanna was saying.

Now NeNe is finding herself in another unflattering light. Page Six is reporting that NeNe allegedly got caught up in an affair. While it’s just a rumor and remains unconfirmed, this is not a good look. So what’s the tea?

Sources say that NeNe has been involved in an inappropriate relationship with “family friend” Rodney White. According to the source, NeNe has been spending time with Rodney as long ago as 2017. Even more shocking is the allegation that NeNe was busy having dinner with Rodney in Miami back in 2019 when husband Gregg Leakes was fighting colon cancer.


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The source elaborated about the Miami sighting, saying,“They were all over each other. They were touching each other, laughing, giggling, kissing, but it wasn’t like they were full-blown slobbering down. I don’t think she was trying to hide it.” Well, at least they weren’t slobbering? Another witness claiming to see them said, “She was all over this guy. Kissing, cuddling, holding, sitting on his lap.”

A little more about Rodney. He’s from Maryland and is a high level employee at the United States Department of Agriculture. Although he sounds pretty low profile, sources say Rodney might have an ulterior motive in dating NeNe. “He loves the limelight,” the source claims. “He loves to have the red carpet rolled out. He feels like he’s a celebrity. He’s that type of person.”


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“People close to him have said that it’s all about the lifestyle,” the source continues. “If it wasn’t for that, he wouldn’t give her the time of day … because he didn’t before when she was a nobody. He knew her before she became the NeNe Leakes that she is today and before the multiple surgeries to change her looks.”

NeNe hasn’t addressed this yet but wondering if it’s only a matter of time before she takes to social media with her thoughts.


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