NeNe Leakes Kandi Burruss

Kandi Burruss Responds After NeNe Leakes Says Kandi Has “Never Been Number 1” At Anything

All of a sudden, NeNe Leakes has turned against Kandi Burruss in the press. Please tell me, what has Kandi ever done to NeNe? Seriously, can anyone name one thing that she’s ever done to this woman? Well, other than making more money than she does. NeNe has been shading Kandi in the press for her Real Housewives of Atlanta spin-off shows.

NeNe claimed that Kandi’s friendship with Kenya Moore is solely an alliance; i.e. it’s insincere. In turn, Kandi questioned how genuine NeNe’s friendship is with Wendy Williams. They’ve battled it out in the Instagram comments section, in interviews, and, of course, on the RHOA Season 12 reunion. NeNe cause major waves when she made this comment about Kandi: “Kandi just wants to be number one, you know she’s never been number one in anything that she’s done.” NeNe, what are you talking about? Kandi is a Grammy winner, who’s constantly turning a profit on her businesses. Oh, and she just got first place on The Masked Singer.

Kandi clapped back at NeNe during a recent Entertainment Tonight interview. She said, “Let me tell you this — and this is just being a little petty — being number two has never looked so good, honey. The number two is the new number one, boo!” Kandi continued, “You want $1 million or you want two?” she asks. “You want one show or two shows? You want number one on The Masked Singer. Well, I don’t know…” Of course NeNe wants all of that. She just can’t get it. Bitter, party of one.

This isn’t the first time Kandi and NeNe have been at odds. Kandi explained the origin of their latest beef, sharing, “To be honest with you, she and I had an argument over text messages that was, like, ridiculous. We were cussing each other out, reading each other on the text messages — just me and her, nobody else was involved in this — just she and I, and I had just stopped responding to her at a certain point, because I realized that this lady is really just gonna keep going back and forth with me on this text message, and we over here really being childish right now.” Kandi said that right after that text exchange NeNe started publicly labeling her as “number two.”


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