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Below Deck Sailing Yacht Star Jenna MacGillivray Says Georgia Grobler Paget Berry’s Flirtation Was Inappropriate

Paget Berry and Ciara Duggan’s relationship is probably the first long-standing boat-mance that we’ve encountered on any Below Deck show.  Watching their interactions, though, it really feels like the relationship has passed the point of expiration.  Despite the endless bickering on deck and Paget’s ongoing laundry room flirtations with Georgia Grobler, these two are still going strong in real-time.  So maybe it’s a trick of editing on Below Deck Sailing Yacht.

Either way, we know that Georgia’s confession of her feelings to Paget AND Ciara next episode will not yield the results that she may have expected.

Both Georgia and Chief Stew Jenna MacGillivray spoke to In Touch Weekly about the strange love triangle that has been going on this season.

Jenna claimed to be in the dark about Paget’s flirting.  Probably because she hasn’t been in the laundry room at all since the start of the season.  Jenna said, “I didn’t see the intensity of those things until I watched the show.”


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Jenna said that the flirting crossed line, despite neither party acting on it further.  “I do think that it was inappropriate, and I think that that should be addressed,” Jenna said, “and I think that Ciara and Paget probably addressed that within their own relationship.  That’s between them.  But they’re still together and there’s a strong love there.”

Ciara teased Georgia with a threesome innuendo, and maintained the confidence that Paget may flirt, but would be going nowhere.


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Jenna said of Ciara’s confidence that, “she was in the mind frame that she really stuck with which was if [Georgia] can get him, she can have him.  I think she’s very confident in herself and comfortable knowing that he wasn’t going to leave her, and he didn’t.  It wasn’t on the table, you know.  He didn’t make a move.”

Of course, Jenna acknowledges human folly.  It’s also a good way to explain her relationship with Adam Glick.  “People are human,” Jenna said, “it’s absurd to think that we’re only attracted to one person.”


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Georgia added her thoughts on Paget and Ciara’s relationship.  Though they “bash heads” at work, Georgia said, “I think [Paget and Ciara] are a very, very good couple.  They’re great for each other.  They compliment each other, like in their personalities.”

“If I had a hat, I would take it off,” Georgia applauded how the couple balance work and play.


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