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Dorinda Medley Says Tinsley Mortimer Blocked Her On Instagram

This beef between Dorinda Medley and Tinsley Mortimer appears to be pretty one-sided. During the previous Real Housewives of New York season, Dorinda took issue with Tinsley’s reluctance to share with the group, which is an important thing for a reality TV start to do. However, Dorinda took her annoyance a little too far this season though. She’s mad at Tinsley for talking to Scott Kluth. She’s clearly irritated by Tinsley’s privilege, as Leah McSweeney pointed out on a recent episode.

Dorinda even claimed that she chews gum longer than the length of any of Tinsley’s relationships. Meanwhile, Tinsley seems to be pretty nice to Dorinda in return. It even seems like Dorinda takes issue with Tinsley’s politeness and (seemingly) genuine desire to be cool with Dorinda. Dorinda recently admitted that it’s hard to watch herself this season. However, she doesn’t seem to have any remorse for her behavior, only excuses.

Before the most recent episode, Dorinda shared a photo of the cast. Pretty much everyone in the comments section pointed out one thing: Dorinda tagged everyone in the picture, except for Tinsley. Considering how much Dorinda has shaded (and outright insulted) Tinsley this season, it was logical to assume that she was just shading Tinsley when she left her out of the tags. However, that’s apparently not the case.


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One fan commented, “Doesn’t tag Tins, c’mon mam.” In response, Dorinda said, “I can’t I’m blocked.” Another viewer told Dorinda, “So shady not tagging Tins.” Dorinda replied, “I’m blocked so I can’t.” She responded to a handful of comments with some version of that response.


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No one can blame Tinsley for blocking Dorinda. Or at least I can’t. Dorinda has been picking on Tinsley every chance she gets. I’m just surprised it took Tinsley this long to block her. She doesn’t need to Dorinda’s constant stream of jokes about her.


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