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Joe Giudice Has His Own Cooking Show Now

It’s been a busy year for Real Housewives of New Jersey’s Joe Giudice. Despite having his final deportation appeal denied, he seems to be thriving in Italy. I don’t think anyone really wanted to see the break up of his family, even if he wasn’t the best husband to Teresa Giudice. But it seems that both of their lives have moved on and both of them are doing well.

So how is Joe staying busy? He recently signed a deal to be in a celebrity boxing match. It sounds like a good fit for him after showing off all his moved on his Instagram. Joe has also decided he’s going to sell vibrators. Yes, you heard me right. In case you missed it, we reported that Joe has partnered up with a sex toy company to peddle said vibrators. And why not? Get those coins, Joe! Finally, Juicy is starting his own podcast, which is kind of funny. Especially since Joe is a man of so few words.

All those ventures pale in comparison to what’s next on Joe’s agenda. According to In Touch Weekly, Juicy is making his return to reality TV by hosting his own cooking show. Aptly titled Juicy Joe’s Cucina: From Italy to Jersey, Joe will be competing against others on every episode. He’s even competing against his own family!

The show’s creator and executive producer is Robyn Levy, who briefly appeared on RHONJ in season 7. She’s still Joe’s friend and is giving the scoop on their new show. According to Robyn, “Joe’s side of the family will definitely be participating. He appreciates his family’s involvement and support. At this time we can’t confirm whether Teresa will be taking part because of her contract with Bravo. But Joe hopes that his four daughters — Gia, Milania, Gabriella, and Audriana — will join him virtually.” Ok, that actually sounds fun.


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Robyn continues, “For the finale, the person who makes the winning recipe will be flown for a cook-off against Joe in the Bahamas. We don’t have to film with him in Italy  — it can be him in another country. We have some opportunities that we can make happen, we just have to figure out the logistics and the details.”

She adds, “Joe knows some pretty big people in the food industry. What viewers will see is Joe pursuing his favorite hobby. Aside from being there for his family, food and wine is what he’s really passionate about. Cooking comes naturally to him.”


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Pre-production will begin next month and filming should start in the summertime. The show is being produced by Red Coral Productions, which will be streaming Juicy Joe’s Cucina: From Italy to Jersey on their app.


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