Luann de Lesseps Says Ramona Singer Has Changed For The Better & Is More Compassionate

The Real Housewives OG’s are an endangered species at this point. We only have a few left. The OG cast members who are still on TV have been through so much right before our eyes. When we first met Ramona Singer on Real Housewives of New York, she was constantly bragging about how hot and heavy and she and Mario Singer were. Then, she found out he was cheating on her in the press. They divorced. And, now, she’s all about that dating scene and being hot at sixty. Oh, and she and Mario quarantined together in Florida.

We’ve seen her go through a lot of different phases in life, but recently, she’s just been a bit more reasonable than she used to be. Don’t get me wrong, it’s not all the time. Who could forget Ramona and Sonja Morgan ditching the cast in Rhode Island to talk to “hot” guys at the bar instead of going to dinner? Before that she ditched her own Hampton house to look for more “hot” guys. Wait. What was I saying again? Oh, yeah, Ramona is a tiny bit more reasonable than she used to be. Here and there she really is the voice of reason with some solid anecdotes and advice. Her fellow OG Luann de Lesseps has certainly noticed.

On a recent episode of the Reality of Reality podcast, Luann was asked, “Has Ramona changed? A lot of people are saying she’s the voice of reason this season. What do you think?”

Lu said, “I think that Ramona has changed for the better. I really believe that. Listen, you’re never going to change Ramona completely and God knows we don’t want to because where can you find that kind of crazy Ramona, right?” So true, Lu. So true.


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She continued, “But, I feel like Ramona has come a long way in terms of being more compassionate, I think. You know, she still fumbles on her words, but you gotta love it. I feel like she’s more compassionate and you especially see that with Leah [McSweeney] this season. She kind of mothers her,” which is just so… interesting to watch.

When the podcast host commented, “Leah seems to be playing out a lot of her mommy issues,” Luann responded, “Yes, it’s true and she has those issues.” Then she joked, “I’m glad she goes to Ramona as the mother and not me. I want to be the girlfriend, not the mother.” Oh, Lu.


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[Photo Credit: Bravo]