Teddi Mellencamp Says Denise Richards’ Primary Focus Is What Audience Thinks Of Her; Claims Denise Drama Has Very Little To Do With Brandi Glanville

So far, I’m loving this season of Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. From the jump, they have given us a little something to hold on to when it comes to being interested. Well, aside from the boring stopover at Kyle Richards’ “fashion show”. I could have done without that. Fashion show aside, producers already pressed Dorit Kemsley about her supposed money troubles. I can’t tell you how happy this made me. After dodging it for multiple seasons, they finally held Dorit’s feet to the fire enough to clearly make her uncomfortable. And Garcelle Beauvais also gave us some dramz by admitting that her husband had a five-year affair on her. It’s rare to see a housewife this open from the get-go and it only bolstered her popularity.

But some bigger trouble is brewing. And it’s going to blow all this piddly stuff out of the water. We’ve all seen the stories about Denise Richards and Brandi Glanville’s hook up. The producers even ominously told us at the end of episode one that Denise stopped filming in December. This is something castmate Erika Jayne took major issue with and wasn’t shy about telling us. The trailer shows just how bad it got, with Denise yelling “Bravo, Bravo, F**king Bravo!” in an effort to stop the footage from being used. You guys, this isn’t even the midseason trailer. These ladies are just getting started.

Now Teddi Mellencamp is weighing in on the Denise storyline, and coming up with an unexpected take on the matter. Teddi decided to spill it to Entertainment Tonight, musing that Denise isn’t so much bothered by the Brandi rumors. Teddi claims that Denise cares more about what the audience is thinking.


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Teddi says, “I can’t really say too much, but what I can say is, when you sign up to do the show, you show the good, the bad and the ugly. And if your primary focus of being on the show is what the audience is gonna think about you, and not what us, what each one of your friends is feeling? That always ends up backfiring, because you’re trying to control a situation that can’t be controlled and the people that are living it with you can feel it.”

Well, that’s easy to say when you have no storyline, Teddi. But also, really? Kyle has been hiding multiple lawsuits, so has Erika and as mentioned above, Dorit with her legal and money troubles. And Dorit only admitted it all when she was pressed. So let’s not talk about trying to control the situation. All this cast does is try and stay in control.


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Teddi continues, “I mean, that’s juicy and people are interested in it because, it’s, you know…But there’s definitely more that involves all of us, that affects everybody differently. I mean, whatever they’re doing on their own time really has nothing to do with me.” It doesn’t so why are you worried about it? “I think it’s so annoying when too much plays out in the press because that’s that person’s intention to kind of get the audience to see whatever it is that they wanna see prior to watching the show,” Teddi says. “So I think by both parties doing that, it made it harder, because now everybody’s going into the show assuming it’s one thing, when really it’s not.”

Teddi then addresses Denise not filming and using the infamous Bravo call out to make footage unusable. Shockingly, Teddi says all that went down before the Brandi allegations even happened. Interesting, since it led audiences to believe that Denise’s Bravo, Bravo, F**king Bravo outburst was in response to the Brandi rumors. Teddi says something even bigger is going on with Denise.  “A lot of things were going down with Denise,” she teases. “That’s really the issue, what happened with Brandi, I mean, that’s just, like, what they’ve played out in the press, but that’s not what any of us, or myself, had any situation with Denise about.”


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While Teddi wishes the “Bravo” yelling scene was the only time it happened, she reveals that Denise did it more than once. When the first episode aired, Teddi even called Denise out on Twitter, writing “Bravo Bravo Bravo always keeps it rolling even when you try to control things.” Denise wrote back, “You were that someone that told me .[Kyle] about it.” Teddi jokes, “I was like, was that Denise writing me or Casamigos? I’m confused. I mean, obviously I would’ve written something sassy back if I understood what she was saying.” Sure, Teddi.

Some viewers took Denise’s response as Teddi and Kyle giving Denise a heads up on what to shout to get out of a tricky moment on camera. Teddi claims that’s not the case at all. “I never said [that], and I can assure you if I had [done that before], they would’ve used it,” she says. “It’s not like I’m living it up in the happy life of everyone loving me every time.” Teddi does mention that Kyle talked about doing it before though. As explained in our story above, Kyle and her original costars would yell things like “Hi, Bravo! Hi, Andy Cohen!” at the cameras when they wanted to touch up their makeup. Supposedly it was always a joke and they didn’t use it to their advantage during tough scenes. 


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Teddi concludes, “I think she saw what people like to see in her and then tried to double down on it and then maybe it didn’t… maybe it didn’t work out so great. Because here’s the thing: all of us can be jerks from time to time. All of us can say things that we’re gonna regret. … [But] if you’re only trying to show one part and you’re OK with kind of putting it off on other people, it just doesn’t work out.” Lisa Rinna, queen of being manipulated, are you listening? I hope the rest of the cast is as well.


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