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Erika Jayne Says There’s No Reason For Denise Richards’ Husband Aaron Phypers To Get Involved With Drama; Teddi Mellencamp Said He Gave Her A “Nervous Feeling”

Aaron Phypers and Denise Richards have presented themselves as an easygoing couple that value their children and their zen aura.  Keeping up the persona has worked up to this point.  But Denise hasn’t been on the receiving end of much confrontation either.  Her skills in dealing with ex-husband Charlie Sheen has served her well in navigating the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.

But things changed this season.  After Denise received backlash for refusing to bring her children to Kyle Richards’ Bar-B-Que, her husband Aaron stepped in to defend her not once but twice.  The drama-weary couple were hoping to avoid another confrontation at Sutton Stracke’s party, but once again, Aaron inserted himself into the banter and spoke aggressively to Teddi Mellencamp and Erika Jayne.

Teddi and Erika appeared on the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills After Show to discuss the confrontation with Aaron.

Teddi believes that the situation with Denise could have been resolved if she had come solo.  “He’s showing up again,” Teddi said, “and then he starts getting aggressive again.  It just makes the situation worse whereas we could have, maybe just had a peaceful conversation with Denise and worked through the situation.”


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Erika called Aaron’s demeanor and presentation “mansplaining,” while Teddi questioned whether he was deliberately trying to intimidate her.

Aaron’s there like flexing his muscles, like trying to make us feel.  I don’t know if he’s trying to make us feel timid or nervous or what his intention was,” Teddi explained, “but it was like, now we really can’t finish things off with Denise because now you’re here making it about you again.”


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Whatever Aaron’s intentions were, Teddi revealed that she felt uncomfortable.  “I remember kinda shrinking down and feeling like, that nervous feeling,” she said, “like I haven’t had a grown man speak to me this way.  I feel very like, I’ve just been scolded as a child.  It was crazy to me.”

Erika understands that Aaron wanted to protect Denise but suggested that Denise did not need the intervention.  Erika said, “look I think that, support your wife.  Know that she’s intelligent, capable, give her all that great advice and let her go carve her own path.  We are outspoken, we are strong of character, we are sensitive, empathetic at times, angry at times.  It runs the whole gamut.  And I think that every woman in this group can stand on her own.  Like there’s no need to step in.  Denise is a grown woman.  She’s perfectly capable of handling her business.”


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Nothing beneficial would come out of Aaron jumping into the fray.  But it really was his tone that Erika took offence to.  She said, “and you don’t need to speak to us in a way that, you know, makes us feel like you have all the answers and we have none.  And just kinda putting yourself in a position that you really don’t need to be in.”


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