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Kristen Doute Wishes Her Vanderpump Rules Firing Was Filmed For The Show

It feels like forever ago that Kristen Doute and Stassi Schroeder were fired from Vanderpump Rules. And for like, one day, they managed to lay low. That was until the new PR firm they both hired went into overdrive and started bombarding us with these two. Stassi announced her pregnancy. And Kristen emerged from the shadows to go on a walk with her boyfriend. Groundbreaking stuff.

But as much as I would love them to go away, alas, that is not meant to be. Now, Kristen is ditching the staged paparazzi photos and speaking out about her firing.

Page Six is reporting Kristen’s recent comments on the podcast Hollywood RawIn it, Kristen talk about everything from thinking the network should have filmed their firing to going back to reality tv.

Of her firing, Kristen says, “I think that this was a perfectly wide-open door for Bravo to take the initiative and have this conversation. And I know this probably sounds super selfish for someone that’s canceled to say they don’t believe in cancel-culture, but the reason why is I believe we are in such a detrimental point in our pop culture to political to full society where people in my position.”


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Kristen continued, “We could literally be put to the test and forced to have these difficult conversations, being forced to show the public that we are doing action. I think there was something better, something smarter they could have done rather than passing along the ‘you’re off of the show note’ to my attorney like the game of telephone.”

Blaming the network for not filming the result of her racist behavior is definitely a choice.


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She goes on, “I think it would have helped me, I think it would have helped other people on my cast, those that were let go, those that were not; I think that it would have helped the public a lot more, maybe younger generations that watch us. It would have given us a bigger platform to work together to do more charity work.” I mean, I do understand where she is going with this. But come on, Kristen. We don’t tune in to VPR to watch you do charity work. And if you really wanted to do better, you could still do that charity work OFF camera. There’s nothing preventing you from that. 

Kristen continues, “Just push people to do better, rather than saying ‘We don’t like that mistake you made so, therefore, you’re canceled. We don’t want to hear from you ever again.’ How about making people [who] made the mistakes do better. Make them do better. That’s how our society is going to get better is if we all have to do better.” 


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Kristen also thinks very highly of herself, so much so that she’s positioning herself as someone who can teach people something. One could start with not being a terrible person? “I would love a second chance. Absolutely,” she said. “I would love to make a difference. It’s always what I’ve stood for whether or not you saw that on ‘Vanderpump Rules.’ I want to make things better. I just think cancel culture is such a detriment to our society because we are shutting people up rather than making them learn and change. Learn, fix things, do better. Open people’s eyes up to something that they make a mistake on before. I think that’s a terrible thing to do.”

Not surprisingly, Kristen wouldn’t mind getting back to getting a paycheck reality television. “I hope there’s an opportunity for myself, for all of us to be on television again and to really take this whole experience we are going through as a note to talk about once we could be on television again,” Kristen said. “I think I have a lot to say. I think I have a lot of value to bring to entertainment but as far as ‘Vanderpump Rules,’ I don’t think so.”


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She concludes, “I don’t know as far as Bravo goes or the network, but I would just like to hope that I’m doing what I have to do right now. Keep doing better. Keep talking, keep learning. I know we all say that, but it’s really f–king true. It’s so f–king true.”

Well, she speaks. But at this point, she should take her won advice to keep learning. And maybe stay quiet in the meantime.


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