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Fans Start A Petition To Get Stassi Schroeder & Kristen Doute Back On Vanderpump Rules

In the words of the iconic Luann de Lesseps, “can you believe it, girls”!? It has been less than 3 weeks since the firings of Vanderpump Rules cast Stassi Schroeder and Kristen Doute! Also, Max Boyens and Brett Caprioni were axed. Anyone care? Didn’t think so. I just like to repeat their names next to garbage to build that association forever. Moving on. So the long and short of it is that Stassi has been dumped by her PR firm and then was picked up by a new one. This new place is shoving Stassi’s pregnancy down our throats, likely in hopes that we forget about her racist actions towards former castmate Faith Stowers. Kristen, on the other hand has been mostly quiet. Well, except her forced apology after this all came to light. At least it’s something!

Both Kristen and Stassi have lost a lot of financial opportunities as a result of finally being held accountable for being terrible people. Kristen was dropped by her book publisher. The witches wine business has been canceled. Oh and Stassi’s thirsty and wholly uninteresting podcast has been taken off all platforms! I’m over here rejoicing for some bleak bits of justice left in this world. Others are out here trying to get these two back on our screens. No seriously, some people ACTUALLY still enjoy these two. Keep reading, but hold on tight.

Okay so some Stassi and Kristen fans (I really didn’t know these existed) started an actual petition to get them back on their screen. As of this moment, a shocking 23,477 have signed, with the goal to get 25,000. Wowowowowowow.

This petition includes such ideas as “Ms. Schroeder and Ms. Doute have used their platforms to share resources regarding the Black Lives Matter movement, and the current protests happening around this country and the world.” Yes because sharing viral memes and PR developed statements is a *real* statement of anti-racism. But wait, it gets better…they also claim, “In the past, they have also raised awareness and worked for LGBTQIA rights.”


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If my memory serves, Stassi actually argued with transgender cast-mate Billie Lee when she tried to educate her on the problematic comments she’d made on her podcast. This petition argues (rightfully) that “To fix systematic racism and to heal, we need to have conversations, educate ourselves, listen, learn, and do better.”

Okay. So. Start with Stassi? Like…what? Has she even made a statement that wasn’t a basically copy-paste of Kristen’s/obviously developed in an office by someone else? Or listened to her educational cast-mates? Asking for me. And these 22.5 thousand people, apparently.


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Okay, so this next part I actually guffawed. The petition ends with a quote from Maya Angelou “When we know better, we do better.” Great point. Since Stassi hasn’t had the time in all her unemployment to even reach out and apologize to Faith, post anything meaningful about our current social justice climate, or really anything not about herself, I guess we have our answer. She doesn’t know better.

I’ll remind everyone that before this entire mess started, Stassi herself basically said she wanted a new show. Good luck with that!


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