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Kristen Doute Says She Reached Out To Faith Stowers & She Declined To Speak With Her

This Vanderpump Rules firings story is just constantly continuing. As we all know at this point that Stassi Schroeder, Max Boyens, Brett Caprioni, and Kristen Doute got fired from Vanderpump Rules for their racially offensive behaviors and words. Stassi has said and done many terrible things throughout the years with zero repercussions. She called herself “Nazi chic,” complained about Black people wanting representation in film, and denounced the #MeToo movement among other things.

Tweets with racial slurs from Max and Brett’s past resurfaced in January 2020, with zero consequences at the time. When Faith Stowers recounted the story about Stassi and Kristen calling the cops on her and the military police accusing her of a crime she didn’t commit, Faith got a lot of support, which lead to those firings. In addition to Stassi and Kristen doing that to Faith, they also bragged about it in podcast interviews and on social media.

Up until their firings, all four of those former cast members were posting in support of Black Lives Matter. Some of them took a break from social media. Others staged paparazzi photos and deflected via pregnancy announcement. Now, Kristen is back on social media, speaking out about causes she supports, which isn’t sitting well with social media followers.

Kristen tweeted, “I’m not here trying to upset or rile anyone up. I’m an outspoken person with opinions & beliefs. I’m super passionate. I’ve been immature & caddy at times but never hateful. I welcome your voice if it comes with kindness. Please don’t tell me to shut up. Just unfollow.”

In response, many people took issue with Kristen, with one person tweeting, “I don’t know Kristen so I’ll never know her intention behind a month straight calling police / military police on a black sister. I think Kristen is a do or die friend and went WAY too far. I would just like to hear her honest next step to be better.”


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One of Kristen’s supporters chimed in to say “Kristen has apologised to Faith privately and publicly and took ownership of what happened and apologised for it. She’s never had problematic behaviour in the past regarding issues like this before. If people want to support her or unfollow her that’s fine and they can do so.

That person was asked, “Do you personally know Kristen to confirm this ? She told you she personally reached out TO Faith?”


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Then, Kristen chimed in herself to say “Yes I personally DMd her and attempted a phone call. She chose not to respond and declined speak to me, which is her choice.”

Why would Faith want to talk to Kristen though? Then again, I would be so curious about what Kristen would have to say about this. Is she genuinely sorry for what she did? Is she just trying to diminish the backlash?


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