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The news coming out of the Vanderpump Rules universe has been bleak. And that’s an understatement. OG cast members were fired. If they weren’t fired, fans were calling for their firing. Finally, Villa Blanca closed its doors for good. I know Villa Blanca isn’t technically VPR stuff but if you respect your history, it all started there.

Just when it couldn’t get any worse, sad news from my personal VPR favorite came out. Scheana Marie recently revealed she had a miscarriage. I’m so sad for her because she seems so happy with boyfriend, Brock Davies. Her TikTok is full of them doing challenges and synchronized dances. It’s actually really adorable content. And Scheana has always been really open about wanting to have kids. Whether you love Scheana or not, it’s hard not to feel touched by her loss.

Now, Scheana is finding a way to heal. Us Weekly reported that Scheana just got a poppy flower tattoo. The tattoo, located on her inner arm, is to honor the baby she lost.

Scheana explains, “The last one I got most recently was to symbolize the baby we just lost. [The doctors] said it was the size of a poppy seed, and I really like poppy flowers. And I decided to get one right here to remember. I think it’s probably my favorite one.” What a sweet sentiment.


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She opened up about her pregnancy and subsequent miscarriage on an episode of her podcast, ScheananigansScheana revealed that she found out she was expecting with Brock when she was “a few weeks” along. Doctors had previously told her “it would be close to impossible” to conceive on her own. Sadly, Scheana became worried after she started “bleeding all weekend” while on a trip away with Brock.”

Scheana went on to explain on her podcast that she wanted to share on her own terms. “I just really wanted to get my story out my way. I didn’t want to do an interview, have it manipulated, soundbites taken here and there. I just wanted to put everything out on my own platform, in my own voice.” I think we can all respect that.


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Another VPR star who is also commemorating someone with a tattoo is costar, Lala Kent. E! News shared that Lala showed off her latest ink on a recent Instagram Story. The newly done upper arm tattoo simply reads, Rand, for her fiancé, Randall Emmett. Real talk, can she stop trying to make “Rand” happen? His name is Randall and we all know it.

The couple has been engaged since 2018 and had planned on getting married this past April. Those plans were thwarted by the pandemic and are still on hold as we speak. Lala and Randall are currently in Puerto Rico, where Randall is filming a new movie.


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Lala just recently caused a stir when she deleted all pics of Rand Randall on her social media. She also posted some cryptic messages in her stories. Lala said she deleted some pics because she’s mad at him but the couple are still together. Ok, so a big ole publicity stunt. Lala has done this before but I swear, this is the last time I’m falling for it.


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