Below Deck Mediterranean Star Jessica More Opens Up About Her Struggles With Anxiety In Relation To Hannah Ferrier & Kiko Lorran’s Troubles On The Show

Hannah Ferrier took it heart when Captain Sandy Yawn fired Kiko Lorran.  She did advise him on the underwhelming Vegas dinner menu, but the endearing Below Deck Mediterranean chef wavered between excellence and frantic scrambling in the kitchen, which ultimately lead to his termination.  He had a unique talent, but his sensitive spirit couldn’t handle the hostility of Captain Sandy’s micromanaging.

Kiko’s firing led not only to his unraveling emotions, but Hannah’s as well.  She experienced a panic attack.  It was a very vulnerable and painful moment to watch. The footage resonated with one crew member in particular, who revealed that she too, struggles with anxiety.

Jessica More took to her Instagram after the show aired to share her experience.  She empathized greatly with Kiko and Hannah.

“Last night’s episode was hard for me to watch,” Jess wrote, “everybody loves Kiko & him crying broke my heart.  Then Hannah having a panic attack was just emotionally grueling to see, and brought me to instant tears.”


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Jess praised Hannah for her transparency regarding her history with anxiety.  “It’s brave of Hannah to be open with her struggle with anxiety & I want to thank her for that,” Jess continued.

Jess’s own struggle has been intense and long-term.  She shared her story from the beginning.  And while she hasn’t had any visible issues on the show, the anxiety is very much a part of Jess’s everyday life.


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Jess said, “as a lot of my friends & family know I have been struggling with severe anxiety for about 7 years.  I remember my first panic attack so clearly-I thought I was having a heart attack.  I woke my roommate in the middle of the night to drive me to the ER and called my mom and dad on the way to tell them I loved them because I truly thought I was about to die.  I’ve been struggling on and off ever since.  It disappeared out of the blue, returning with a vengeance every day for years.  Even though I have tried my best to find methods and coping tools, it’s an everyday battle.”

Jess concluded her post with a positive and uplifting message.


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“We all have our battles one of mine just happens to be anxiety,” Jess continued, “I felt the need to make a post because I wanted to bring awareness to this topic an be another voice hopefully help anyone who struggles with this to know that they aren’t alone.  Lots of love to everyone and I wish you good health and lots of love!”


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