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Lisa Rinna Warns Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills Co-Star About “Going After Kids”

Lisa Rinna is all about the Instagram Story shade these days. For a while, she was on an exclusive streak of calling out Denise Richards. Now, it seems like she’s gunning for Garcelle Beauvais, which isn’t surprising since Garcelle has publicly proclaimed that she is on “Team Denise Richards.”

During a recent episode of Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, Lisa said that she does her underwear dancing videos to entertain her mom, Lois. OK? In a confessional, Garcelle questioned Lisa for doing this since her daughter Amelia Gray Hamlin has publicly battled an eating disorder. Specifically, Garcelle remarked, “I love that Lisa’s free enough to do the videos and be dancing, but the dancing nearly naked is not a choice for me if I had a daughter that had body issues.” As expected, that remark raised some eyebrows, and seemingly incited some shade from Lisa herself.

Lisa didn’t mention Garcelle by name in her recent Instagram Stories, but it sure seemed like she was talking about Garcelle. Queens of Bravo shared the screenshots, including one where Lisa wrote: “I pray for all of the moms on our show who have kids who will someday soon be teenagers on the show.”

Based on her recent tension with Garcelle and the fact that Garcelle’s twin sons are approaching their teens, this Instagram Story just has to be directed at Garcelle right?


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Denise’s kids are already teens. Sutton Stracke’s kids are not legally permitted to film the show. Dorit Kemsley and Teddi Mellencamp’s young kids won’t be teens for a while.

Kyle Richards‘ youngest daughter Portia Umansky is a tween, but Rinna and Kyle seem to be on the same side of the battle lines this season; i.e. it’s unlikely that she’s shading Kyle this time. So, yes, by the process of elimination, it makes so much sense to guess that Rinna is shading Garcelle.


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In another Instagram Story that Queens of Bravo shared, Lisa wrote, “You’re crying about your shit being put out there wait until they go after your kids. Don’t say I didn’t warn you.” It’s fair to assume that the “they” Rinna is referring to includes herself.


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And, in another Instagram Story, Rinna confirmed, “Is this a warning? Yes.”

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