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Garcelle Beauvais Explains Why She Unfollowed Lisa Rinna On Instagram After Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills Reunion; Says “We’re Not Going To Have Any Sleepovers Anytime Soon”

Real Housewives of Beverly Hills newbie Garcelle Beauvais watched long-time pal Lisa Rinna go after Denise Richards all season. Lisa criticized Denise for walking away and shutting down any questions from her RHOBH co-stars.

Then Denise’s husband Aaron Phypers got involved in all the drama. We all know that nothing good comes from a Housewife husband mixing it up with the ladies. The whole situation is awkward since Garcelle is also friends with Denise.

RHOBH viewers have been eagerly waiting to finally watch Brandi Glanville spill the beans about allegedly hooking up with Denise. Of course, Denise has always denied this claim. The cease and desist letters that Denise reportedly sent to the cast and crew made Lisa furious.

Lisa sounded off about the reunion, claiming, Reunion was bullshit. I’ve never said that in 6 years. I guess ceast and desists do work.” Garcelle is the one Beverly Hills Housewife who has stood by Denise.


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She explained her reasoning on US Weekly’s Hot Hollywood podcast. “S—t happens. Things go down,” Garcelle stated. “[The reunion] was intense, and you know why you’re there, and everything’s being brought up, things that you may have forgotten, things like that.”

The actress added, “And everybody’s on high alert, it was like code orange. … It’s a long day. It’s a 13-hour-day, and obviously, we did it virtually, so that adds another thing to it, but it was just heated. It was a lot.”


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Garcelle didn’t know what to expect at her first reunion. One thing that she did know was that Lisa was being too hard on Denise. After the reunion was filmed, she stopped following Lisa on social media.

Garcelle shared, “I felt like [Denise] was being hit hard all the time and I felt like it was hard, time after time, after time. At some point, you have to believe someone’s truth or just go, ‘OK’ and move on, but it wasn’t that way. I just felt like they were too harsh on her.”


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So, can Lisa and Garcelle make amends? Garcelle is open to it. “I wouldn’t say it’s over. But we’re not going to have any sleepovers anytime soon.” That’s for sure.

Garcelle, who didn’t hit it off with RHOBH “OG” Kyle Richards, is hopeful that their relationship can change. “I think we got off on the wrong foot. I think she misunderstood what I was saying, and I think she ran with it. … Could we have a friendship somewhere down the line? Absolutely,” Garcelle stated.


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Garcelle hasn’t decided yet about returning for Season 11 of  the show. “I’m waiting it out. I kept on saying, ‘Let me get through the reunion.’” I got through the reunion,” the actress stated. “Oh, my God. It took me two days to shake that damn day.”


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