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Kyle Richards Thinks Camille Grammer Manipulated Denise Richards Into Thinking Kyle Is Running The Show

There was tension between Kyle Richards and Denise Richards from the beginning of the season. Denise was bothered that Kyle made everything about her. Kyle made fun of Denise for getting her hair and makeup done and called her a “ragamuffin.” Oh, and Kyle was the one who brought Brandi Glanville on the show to talk about her alleged hookup with Denise.

It’s safe to assume that these two won’t be besties anytime soon. Now, Kyle is throwing out a new theory about her issues with Denise: it’s all Camille Grammer’s fault.

During a recent episode of the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills After Show, Kyle claimed, “I found out from somebody actually, someone said ‘Oh, by the way, I saw Denise and Camille together.’ And I was like ‘Excuse me?'” Am I the only person who feels like that “somebody” is actually a producer?

Kyle recalled, “When we saw [how] they left off last year, it was not a good place at all.”


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Kyle continued, “So, something happened where they started talking and I don’t know if that was Denise looking for some, you know, inside scoop or whatever it was but I can tell you that it wasn’t them needing to make peace with each other for just the hell of it.”

Kyle emphasized, “They weren’t exactly missing their friendship with each other.”


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That’s when Teddi Mellencamp sarcastically interjected to do her best Denise Richards impression, saying, “I’ve really been missing my time with Camille so I’m going to conveniently hang out with her and share my point of view.”

Kyle seems to think that Camille manipulated Denise to go against her, remarking, “I don’t know if Denise reached out to Camille or Camille reached out to Denise but she’s putting it in someone like Denise’s head, who is new to the show, ‘Oh, Kyle is, you know, running the show and telling everybody what to do over there and blah blah blah.'”


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I mean, isn’t that what’s happening though? Who is the one who brought Brandi back onto the show? Kyle invited Brandi to her party, Kyle filmed with Brandi while she packed for Rome, and Kyle invited Brandi to Teddi’s baby shower. If anyone is “running the show,” it’s Kyle.

But, anyway, Kyle declared, “It’s ridiculous. It actually was apparent to me in Rome, Denise was literally, of all the things that happened, she was directing everything toward me.” Again, that makes a lot of sense considering how much of this Kyle had a hand in.


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So there was something going on there for sure, which I knew, so, it was very frustrating to me.

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